Ehsan Alikhani returns with “New Age Hashtag”

In this video, Arya Azimi Nejad is also present, and the agents of the “new age hashtag” announce the release date of the newly recorded programs, in the first half of December.

This series of “Hashtag Asr Jadid” has eight episodes and Ehsan Alikhani is present in each episode. Also, in each episode, one of the judges of the program is present, the first episode will proceed with Amin Hayaee, and at the end of December, it will be the turn of Arya Azimi-Nejad.

Ehsan Alikhani also has guests in this program who he is going to talk to in a corona atmosphere.

The first part of this program will be aired on the fourth Thursday of January and will continue after that on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then in the following weeks, it will go on the antenna of Channel 3 on Saturday and Sunday.