Elham Pavehnejad also grew old; His broken face shocked everyone!

Elham Pavehnejad is a veteran actor in Iranian cinema and television who has recently acted in a TV series.

Actor Elham Pavehnejad, a well-known name in Iranian cinema, published his photo with Mina Jafarzadeh and wrote:

Elham Pavehnejad

This was the second time I was with you

Your existence is the blessing of any work.

Be healthy and also passionate and energetic .. Your shadow will last a lifetime …

Footnote: Happy Syrian Wednesday everyone

Stay away from danger and please take great care of yourself.

We go to work together to welcome spring.

Elham Pavehnejad

Who is Elham Pavehnejad?

Elham Pavehnejad (born September 18, 1981 in Tehran) is an Iranian film and theater actor.

Elham Pavehnejad has a degree in natural sciences from Noshirvan High School and an acting and directing degree from Niavaran University (Faculty of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance) in 1992 (solar). He entered the acting profession professionally in 1990 and began his career with theater. Her first stage work in 1370, directed by Akbar Zanjanpour, entitled “Burning Witch”, and her first video game in 1373, was the series “Wives”, which was very well received.

Elham Pavehnejad