Elham Pavehnejad rejected the margins related to his wife! + Troublesome photo

Elham Pavehnejad reacted on his Instagram to the story of the publication of a photo of him and his uncle in cyberspace.

Elham Pavehnejad rejected the margins related to his wife! + Troublesome photo

الهام پاوه‌نژاد He was born on September 18, 1981. Elham Pavehnejad is a native of Tehran. Elham Pavehnejad is an Iranian film and theater actor. 1371 (solar). Elham Pavehnejad has a degree in natural sciences from Noshirvan High School and acting and directing from Niavaran University (Faculty of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance) in 1371 (solar).

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In his latest Instagram post, Elham Pavehnejad published a photo of himself and his uncle. But the purpose of this inspiration was to publish this photo of a strange story that has been causing trouble in cyberspace for some time.

Screenshot_2020-12-19 Instagram (13)

Elham Pavehnejad wrote in the description of these photos:

# Please_read_the_caption

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Today, when I was disconnected with Dr. Jalali Fakhr due to a disruption in the global network of the Instagram live application, I was thinking about this virtual space, good and bad ….

Closing for the last post and starting next week may be funny, and of course the most important feature is that we think a little and with all the goodness of cyberspace, we do not believe everything we see unless it is confirmed by a reliable source …

“Dear” you see in the photo,

They are my sweet uncle who does not live in Iran.

One of my first posts on Instagram was about his trip to Iran at that time. (Second photo)

Ever since the internet and cyberspace and yellow margins became widely used in Iran, that photo has been circulated everywhere and she was introduced as my wife !!!!

This story always made our family laugh and have fun …

This year, on a short trip that we came and took this photo, I shared it not only because of the violation of this story, but also because I want you to pay more attention to the information of the yellow pages and their margins in order to increase your views, comments and likes. .

The news that is being shared around us is very targeted and mostly aimed at destruction and a small percentage of it is aimed at valuing … why not!


Never in cyberspace, not in fact, until you have received a verified message from a reliable source and the person himself, do not trust any quotes, posts, etc.

Not long ago, the margin of my salary for advertising became so purposeful that many believed it and the direct wave and …. and it remains that with the treatment of my lawyer and the announcement of a legal complaint, they took all the news and apologized …. For example, no admin had asked him where the advertisement and billboard for which he was paid !!!!)

let’s move on!

I hope you start a good week.

I hope you take the recommendations for the period only for the family you live with for #Yalda_night.

Take care of each other and others.

Autumn is over, I wish we have a white and bright winter …

Good night

.Jumuah 28 Azar 99


Less to wander in life and tastes and behaviors …. Limiting the mind to the so-called aunty news, gradually erases the thought and consciousness and keeps you from thinking about the duties! do you agree ?

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The first photo of the beginning of autumn 99

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