Elimination of one million intra-city traffic with the first digital bank of Iran

According to IBNA, citing public relations, the director of Gharz al-Hasna Resalat Bank’s customer relief center said: “In this bank, as the first digital bank in the country, all services are provided in absentia.”

Mehdi Doaagoui, stating that the experts of the Customer Relief Center answer customers’ questions 24 hours a day, in three shifts, said: “Currently, more than 200,000 calls are answered monthly in this center.”

Referring to the importance of digital banking, he added: “With the spread of the corona, the importance of this issue became more and more evident in the provision of banking services.” For example, only with the guidance of the experts of the Customer Relief Center, since the beginning of the outbreak of this virus, more than one million intra-city traffic of customers has been eliminated and services have been provided on the Internet and in absentia.

Gharz al-Hasna Resalat Bank Customer Relief Center answers customers’ questions 24 hours a day by calling 0214747.