Elite mortgage increased to 300 million tomans

Elite mortgage increased to 300 million tomans

Housing purchase facilities for the country’s elites and top talents increased to 300 million tomans.

According to ILNA, the Housing Bank started the process of paying the elite housing facilities to this group of housing applicants by announcing the instructions for paying these facilities to the elites and the country’s top talents to the branches.

Based on this and according to the letter of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran and according to the approval of the Board of Directors of the Housing Bank, by paying the individual ceiling of housing purchase and construction facilities for elites and top talents in the amount of 3 billion (3,000,000,000) Rials with a repayment period of 20 years. The interest rate approved by the Monetary and Credit Council (currently 18%) was agreed. According to the rules and instructions of the banking network and the housing bank to pay for housing facilities, as well as taking into account the credit policies of the housing bank, these facilities will be paid to eligible people with a new ceiling.

The increase in the ceiling of elite housing facilities will be from the credit of the Housing Bank in 1999, and the ceiling of 300 million Tomans will be paid to eligible applicants who will apply to the Housing Bank from now on.

In the notification of the General Directorate of Credit of the Housing Bank to the general administrations, provincial administrations and branches in this regard, it is stated in this regard: A group of applicants whose referrals issued before the notification of this public letter to the bank and have been registered and the current status of their case is uncertain (in the process of filing, evaluation, office, etc.), if a new referral from The National Elite Foundation can benefit from the new communication facility ceiling. This note is a special privilege for this group of applicants for elite housing facilities so that they can benefit from the new ceiling of these facilities. However, the increase in the elite housing facility ceiling will not be applicable to applicants whose contracts have been finalized in the bank’s facility system.

Every year, in accordance with the instructions of the Central Bank and its credit policies, the Housing Bank pays housing facilities to the country’s elites and top talents with a letter of introduction from the National Elite Foundation. The ceiling of these facilities increased to 300 million tomans for the year 1999.