Elnaz Habibi and her dog in a luxury villa / Photo

Elnaz Habibi Our country’s film and television actor posted a luxury photo with his dog next to an outdoor pool on his personal Instagram page. Elnaz Habibi, born on August 12, 1989, is a film and television actor and editing student in Tehran. Elnaz Habibi played in the theater as a child. In 1999, he started cooperating with the Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents. So far, he has acted in several TV series and movies.


Holding ceremonies in the traditional way

Elnaz Habibi: Although my family lives abroad, they still care about Iranian customs and can even be said to be very traditional, which is why the ceremony Courtship It was held in the traditional way and we hosted the groom’s family at home. Fortunately, because Mehdi and I talked, we did not have the stress of courtship.

My father determined the amount of dowry

Ask for the truth when it came to dowry and wedding customs. Mehdi and I decided to step aside and leave matters to the elders because we knew that because of their aristocracy over these matters, they knew each other’s language well and, as the saying goes, knew how to talk to each other. In any case, the amount of dowry was determined by my father and I did not interfere in it. Of course, these conversations were expressed without the slightest challenge or disagreement, because our families were close in terms of level and we did not have any problems in this regard.

Intangible divorce of Elnaz Habibi

No news of his divorce was published in cyberspace or other media, but in an interview, when the host asked him if he was divorced or not, he confirmed that he was separated from his wife.

Filmography of Elnaz Habibi

Elnaz Habibi started her career with the Children’s Intellectual Development Center in 1999, where she has acted in several series and movies. After that, Mr. Saeed Soltani will choose him for 3 of his films and he will follow this profession more and more seriously. Elnaz Habibi went in front of the camera for 3 films by Kianoosh Ayari and played the series of distances.

Filmography of Elnaz Habibi

Pizza The mixture is a comedy movie released in 2011 by Hossein Ghasemi Jami. Two young people from the city, who came to Tehran seven years ago to earn money, are working in a pizza shop, until adventures put them in strange and interesting situations.

Elnaz Habibi played the role of Bahar in the series Great Pains. The series “Great Pains” directed by Borzoo Niknejad and produced by Mehram Maham and Iraj Mohammadi was broadcast on the third channel of Sima.

The role of Elnaz Habibi in the series Great Pains

Elnaz Habibi starred in an unwanted movie directed by Borzoo Niknejad alongside Mahtab Keramati and Mehrdad Sedighiyan. The story of this film: Every now and then something happens, good, bad, that if it does not change the path of our lives, twists and turns are inevitable. We want to do something to avoid the unwanted, but sometimes our destiny is determined by the unwanted.

Elnaz Habibi Cinemas:

  • Emad and Touba Romanticism (1398)
  • پیتوک (1398)
  • Pig gene (1397)
  • Female Enemy (1396)
  • Unwanted (1٣٩6 movie)
  • Don’t be embarrassed (1396)
  • Eclipse (1395)
  • Spare parts (1394)
  • Unwanted (1392)
  • Mixed pizza (1389)
  • Monsoon Season (2009)

Elnaz Habibi TV series:

  • 2007 Appropriate times
  • 1389 Distances
  • 2011 Five kilometers to heaven
  • 1390 30th day
  • 1390 to Soraya
  • 1390 Edge of Fire
  • 1391 Forgetting
  • 1391 For Mona
  • 1392 Chimney 1
  • 1393 Great pains
  • 1393 سربه ره
  • 1394 Great pains 2
  • 1395–96 Nurses
  • 1396-1397 سارق روح
  • 1397 دلدار