Elnaz Shakerdoust boating with awkward clothes + photos

الناز شاکردوست He is a young and moral actor in Iranian cinema. Elnaz Shakerdoust, despite her vicious and salty appearance, is a very calm and borderless personality. At the 20th Hafez Festival, which was held differently this year, Elnaz Shakerdoust won the Best Actress award. In the following, you will see the famous actress Elnaz Shakerdoust luxury house with a green and beautiful environment.


Elnaz Shakerdoust wrote by publishing the following pictures:

Finally, I saw TT today, I’m fine به Bahman_Shahrivar ٩٩ Studio ٩٩

In the Best Actress category, the statue of Hafez was awarded to Jaleh Sameti and Elnaz Shakerdoust.

Jaleh Sameti won the Best Actress award at the 20th Hafez Festival for her role in the movie “Darkhongah”. I do. I am happy to receive this award for a film that I like very much and for the role for which I worked hard.

In this section, another statue was considered, which reached Elnaz Shakerdoust for her role in the movie “Night when the moon was full”.

Elnaz Shakerdoust also said after receiving the award for the best actress in cinema: “This award is valuable to me because the founder of this celebration is a valuable person like Ali Moallem.” How empty her place is and how good it is that a warrior woman like Azar Memarian has kept this light on.

Elnaz Shakerdoustzadeh, born on July 28, 1984 in Tehran, is an Iranian film, television and theater actress.

He started acting with theater. At the age of nineteen, he entered the field of cinema with his role in the movie “Ice Flower” in 2004, directed by Kiomars Poorahmad, and in less than a year, he acted in 4 movies.