Emergency removal conditions for Sharif University of Technology courses were announced

Students of Sharif University of Technology can apply for emergency removal of their courses from today, Sunday, December 20th.

According to ISNA, The deadline for emergency removal for students will be until Tuesday, January 29, and these students can apply for the removal of their desired course by referring to the education system menu of “Educational Services and Registration of Emergency Removal Request”.

The removal request will be sent through the education system to the student supervisor and the vice chancellor or graduate student of the faculty, and if one of these two authorities agrees, the course will be deleted.

Applicants will be asked to comment through the education system to the supervisor and vice chancellor or vice chancellor for postgraduate studies (faculty and if the supervisor or vice chancellor agrees) or the postgraduate assistant.

If the supervisor does not comment on the student’s application by 3 pm on Saturday, January 4, 2010, this will be removed from the list of students’ current semester courses by the Department of Educational Services, as agreed with the request and the desired course.

Due to the necessary conditions for the emergency removal of a single course, due to the problems caused by the outbreak of coronary heart disease, students can attempt the emergency removal of a single course. Do not reduce the number of units in the doctoral program.

Undergraduate students are allowed to omit two theoretical courses. If you need to delete the second lesson, after registering the first delete request. Re-enter the delete menu w and register the second request.

According to Sharif University of Technology, incoming 99 undergraduate students are exempt from complying with the floor requirement if only one course is omitted, and students whose courses have been omitted by the university education due to non-compliance are allowed to delete one course. are.

Deletion and addition of workshop, laboratory, graphics and physical education courses at the undergraduate level is done with the consent of the faculty or provider center, and graduate students can delete a maximum of two theoretical courses by observing the floor of the authorized unit.

Accordingly, the permissible unit floor is 98 units for incoming students and 8 units for incoming students and at least 6 units for incoming students. Submit the second request.

Master’s thesis, seminar, comprehensive examination, teaching assistant and doctoral dissertations in postgraduate courses cannot be omitted.

Graduate students who drop below the threshold after the number of credits is removed can also submit their application through the “Emergency Removal Request” menu.

Due to the special conditions of Corona, the omission of two theoretical courses in this semester is allowed by observing the floor of the unit.

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