Emphasis of the CEO of Post Bank of Iran on serious follow-up of regulatory and legal affairs

According to IBNA, quoting the public relations of Post Bank of Iran, Behzad Shiri, CEO of Post Bank of Iran, in a symposium with the Director of Supervision and Legal Affairs and the heads of these affairs and managers of Tehran and regional branches and legal experts and inspectors of executive units to assess the situation Implementation of communication programs for supervision and legal affairs this year and benefiting from the views and opinions of individuals, as well as improving performance and identifying existing bottlenecks and ambiguities and taking advantage of the views and opinions of legal experts and inspectors of executive units were held by video conference. He also provided guidance on how to proceed.

Jamal Maghsoudi, Director of Supervision and Legal Affairs, while explaining the goals and plans of these matters, expressed his views and perspectives in the field of inspection and law, and then Abbas Piraei, Head of the Inspection Department, Performance Evaluation and Complaints Response and Ali Nowruzi, the head of the General Legal Department, expressed the plans of these departments and their expectations.

Also in this meeting, the managers of the branches of the provinces and regions of Tehran and the legal experts and the selected inspectors expressed their opinions and views.

It should be noted: at the end of this session; Mohadeseh Sarvar, legal expert of Fars province, Masoumeh Panashahi, legal expert of Mazandaran province and Hadi Shabani, legal expert of the western region of Tehran province as top legal experts, as well as Navid Shahnavazi, inspector of Sistan and Baluchestan province, Mohsen Zamani, inspector of East Azerbaijan province and Akbar Tavakoli, inspector of Qazvin province. The title of the top inspectors of the bank’s executive units was introduced and they were appreciated.