Employees guaranteeing the stability of Fajr Energy; Overhaul of a turbine generator completed

With the help of the employees of Fajr Persian Gulf Energy Company, the overhaul of the generator and turbine rotor No. 14 of Fajr District 1 power plant was completed.

According to the economic observation and quoting public relations, Fajr Persian Gulf Energy Company, site 4 of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone, power plant and steam, the staff here are working quickly and accurately to be able to build their neighboring production companies in this region in Keep in production 24 hours a day, 12 months a year.

This company is responsible for supplying electricity, steam, air and industrial water required by the companies of the Petrochemical Special Economic Zone and is known as the beating heart of this region; Our report is a narration of the company’s District 1 power plant.

The staff of this unit tries their best to keep this power plant in the production circuit with all its capacity and to bring stability to its customers. 75,000 hours have passed since the last overhaul of the generator and turbine rotor No. 14 of this power plant, and the experts intend to start the overhaul of the generator and rotor of this turbine according to the working hours of this section and the plans made. Generator and turbine are two separate parts of an interconnected unit of a power plant turbo generator that are overhauled separately.

18 Aban 99 Generator and rotor repairs will begin and the staff is trying to complete and complete the major repairs of these parts in a situation where the Corona virus has spread in the country and working hours have been reduced.

13 days later, after 980 hours, these overhauls will be completed.

Fajr has carried out these major repairs at a cost of 2 billion and 700 million rials and with the help of its specialists and experts; But the important point is that until now, the foreign company has undertaken the overhaul of the rotors and generators of the turbines, but now, relying on the internal power of these repairs by the employees of Fajr Company in cooperation with an expert domestic supply and maintenance company in Fajr Energy Gulf Fars is done.

This is the fourth time that Fajr, in order to manage assets and ensure the availability of all equipment related to sustainable production and supply of energy required by the petrochemical industry in the region, has replaced the turbine generator rotor insulation and tested it in the form of overhaul of Fajr power plant. Is.