Escape from the heat of Bahrain and the pressure on Skocic and the national team

By choosing Bahrain as the host of the focus games in the third qualifying group of the 2022 World Cup in Asia, Iran’s right to host the return round has been revoked and Dragan Skucic and his students to make up for the two defeats in the round of the tournament. They must be on the ground in Bahrain in search of lost points.

Apart from the loss of hosting rights, the heat and humidity of late spring in the Persian Gulf islands, such as Bahrain, are other issues of concern to athletes; So that at this time of year, football events are not held in the Arab countries of this region.

However, according to the tournament schedule, the Iranian national team must meet the teams of Hong Kong, Bahrain, Cambodia and Iraq once every 12 days and every three days. Even in the same schedule, Iran will play 4 matches, but other teams, due to one more game in the previous rounds, will have to play in three matches, which will put less pressure on them.

Prior to this, Iran was supposed to play its two relatively easy games against Hong Kong and Cambodia in April 1400, and in the final weeks it will face Bahrain and Iraq, but in the new program, the game against Bahrain is one week ahead, which in terms of Team strength is better than Cambodia and makes Iran’s job harder.

In addition to all the incidents that have taken place against the national team, one of the positive points of this planning is the reduction of pressure on the Iranian cheeks. In fact, Skocic should use two different teams in the games to avoid putting pressure on the players in the heat of Bahrain, as well as the tournament calendar.

Hong Kong and Cambodia are two teams that have no claims against the teams of Iran, Iraq and Bahrain, and the Iranian national team can defeat these two teams with the second and third teams. As a result, Skocic can use players who have less chances for two crucial games against Bahrain on June 17 and Iraq on June 25 to play against Hong Kong on June 13 and Cambodia on June 21, and as a result the Iranian national team against Bahrain and Iraq with the least. Tired will go to the field.

Although the use of two different combinations can take the coordination away from the Iranian national team, but given the weather conditions in Bahrain, preventing player fatigue will help the national team a lot. For this reason, Skocic can alternate between his two teams and keep the main players ready for the match against Bahrain and Iraq.

The schedule of the remaining games in Iran is as follows.

Iran – Hong Kong – June 3 (June 13, 1400)

Iran – Bahrain – June 7 (June 17, 1400)

Cambodia – Iran – June 11 (June 21, 1400)

Iran – Iraq – June 15 (June 25, 1400)