Establishment of the first workshop on the basic principles of tourism guidance in Kish

The first workshop on the basic principles of tourism guidance was held with the support of the Kish Free Zone Organization and the presence of experts and 40 photographers on March 14 and 14 at the Kish International Conference Center.

The purpose of this workshop was to teach the basics, access to documentary information, and integrate the data needed by photographers and tour guides.

Nasirian, Director of Tourism Department of Kish Comprehensive University of Applied Sciences, in this workshop presented materials on behavioral patterns and effective communication with tourists, supply and correct standards in etiquette and how to deal with tourists based on the latest models of tourism psychology.

In the continuation of the workshop on the basic principles of tourism guidance, the characteristics of the inland and marine environment of the island and the Persian Gulf, plant and animal species in the island’s ecosystem, as well as endangered species were introduced, and information about responsible tourism by Naghmeh Naqiloo Professor of Kish University of Applied Sciences was also presented. Also, Nazanin Mohsenian, a specialist in marine ecology, explained the characteristics of the marine ecosystem of the Persian Gulf in the areas around Kish Island.

Kishology, historical roots and anthropology of Kish Island were the topics of the second day of the workshop, which was organized by Ali Legzian, former director of the Cultural Heritage Unit of the Kish Free Zone Organization and a researcher on the history of the island, in a video conference.

Also, in the discussion of Kishology, while introducing the antiquity of human habitation in Kish Island, topics such as pearl trade, fresh water springs and aqueducts, how Kish is located in the way of sea silk and architectural and anthropological features of Harireh city were also presented.

Nasrin Saffari, a university lecturer and author of Kish tourism brochures, gives a brief overview of the island’s geographical location, symbols and urban elements, the characteristics of each of Kish’s shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, local Kish cuisine and the unique features of the beaches. Greek ship as one of the most important tourist attractions of the island.

It is worth mentioning that this two-day workshop was organized by Mikarad Atieh Company with the support of Kish Free Zone Organization and was welcomed by Kish tourism activists.

Public Relations and International Affairs of Kish Free Zone Organization