Esteghlal seeks FIFA’s goodwill;

The CEO of Esteghlal Club explained about the latest situation of the blue transfer window.

According to the sports correspondent of Fars News Agency, regarding the opening of the transfer window of Esteghlal Club, news has been published that it seems that the problem of this club for registering new contracts has been solved. In this regard, the sports reporter of Fars News Agency called Ahmad Madadi, the general manager of Esteghlal Club, who said: “A few days ago, we transferred 131,000 Euros to Budorov’s account, but unfortunately, due to the blocking of the account number, the money did not reach this player.” During our contact with his lawyer, we were notified of a new account number.
He added: “But this money has not yet reached the source account and has not been returned.” We also informed him about this in our correspondence with Budorov’s lawyer, and he addressed us in an email he sent to the international vice president of the Esteghlal Club; He has sent a letter to FIFA stating that the problem of non-receipt of money does not return to Esteghlal Club and is not a problem on their part, so Budorov expresses his consent for the transfer window of Esteghlal Club to be opened.

Madadi continued: “Budorov’s lawyer also wrote in his letter to FIFA that we will give Esteghlal Club until the next two weeks (the end of this month) so that this amount reaches Bodurov’s account.” According to the letter that the player’s lawyer wrote to FIFA, we hope that they will open our window in good faith until tomorrow. So that we can register the contracts of our new players. We have not yet received FIFA approval. As soon as 131 thousand Euros are returned to the source account, we will transfer this money to the new account number.