“Eternal Days” after “Safe House” on Channel 1

TV series ” Eternal days Directed by Javad Shamqadari and produced by Mohsen Ali Akbari, it has been aired on One Sima since January 29.

Serial The TV series “Eternal Days” – a new product of Simafilm Center – is based on the inflammatory days of the early Islamic Revolution and in the narration of a part of the history of those days, it pays attention to the real characters who were influential in the events and currents of that time. In the narration of parts of the historian period, the bravery of the martyrs “Mostafa Chamran” and “Asghar Vesali” has also been considered and one of the prominent figures of that time has also paid attention to “Ebrahim Yazdi” (the then Minister of Foreign Affairs).

The series

The series “Eternal Days” will be aired on the One Sima network on January 29th. This series deals with how to capture the spy nest and the activities of various groups at that critical moment.

In this collection to order the center Simafilm Produced and produced by Iranian actors such as Ahmad Najafi, Hamid Goodarzi, Alirem Nouraei , Rahim Norouzi, Saleh Mirza Aghaei, Jalil Farjad , Shohreh Lorestani, Zahra Saeedi, Amir Mohammad Zand, Kaveh Samakbashi and … with the introduction of Amin Eskandarian, Yalda Afsharnia and Kimia Akrami will play the role.

Philip Saperkin, Thomas Sinclair Spencer, Yves Reber, Dimitri Goodim, Claudia Riddle, Yektarina Aquilina, Jean-Claude Rickburg, Florian Fisher, Nicholas Barker, Nikolai Sonin and Vitaly Khajev are also foreign actors in the series.

The series

The collection was photographed in different parts of the country, including the northern regions and Tehran, and due to the reconstruction of the Kapkan site and the US Embassy, ​​a large volume of the collection was chromatically recorded and most of the images were prepared using special visual effects.

Some of the factors that contribute to this series are:

Writer and Director: Javad Shamqadari, Producer: Mohsen Ali Akbari, Designer: Mahmoud Gholami, Photographer: Hossein Bazrafshan, Sound Design and Composition: Arash Ghasemi, Costume Designer: Majid Ali Islam, Costume Designer: Dariush Salehian, Editor: Ruhollah Shamqadari , Field Special Effects: Davood Rasoulian, Visual Special Effects: Mohammad Emami, Director of Speakers: Seyed Mirtaher Mazloumi, Music: Behzad Abdi, Quality Supervisor: Mehdi Organi, Production Managers: Saeed Keshavarzi, Mehdi Madadkar, Color Correction: Amir Saharkhiz, Assistant Director And Planner: Amir Hossein Modarres, Photo: Mohammad Mehdi Nabizadeh, Procurement Manager: Asgar Jabbarpour.