Europeans should be warned that they have started a dangerous game / The compilers of Borjam in the Biden government will be responsible for the case of Iran

Europeans should be warned that they have started a dangerous game / The compilers of Borjam in the Biden government will be responsible for the case of Iran

Referring to recent European pressure on Iran, as well as the possible Biden administration, the senior US analyst said that the future of Borjam in two broader forms of Borjam and Borjam, in addition to dialogue on disputed issues, is a way forward for the countries interested in this agreement.

In an interview with ILNA, Diako Hosseini said about the recent European pressures in the form of resolutions and various comments on human rights and regional issues in Iran: “Issues related to Iran’s missile programs, including human rights and regional issues, are always on the European agenda. Issues are far more important to Europeans than to the United States.

He added: “But in the Trump era, because of Europe’s fears that cooperation with the United States on this issue might lead to the complete collapse of the UN Security Council or that a growing tension with Iran increases the likelihood of war between the two countries.” They refused to accompany him. But under Mr. Biden, they are convinced that the US president is not seeking the destruction of Burjam and will not go to war with Iran, so he is re-emerging the tendencies we have always known from the Europeans.

“Even if Burjam remains in its original form and the United States returns to it, the Europeans will continue to strive to address these issues, namely missile, regional and regional issues,” he said. Consider human rights in future talks with Iran and create a new framework for these issues in the negotiations.

“The Europeans may have already started consultations with Mr Biden’s team,” he said. “These actions are a kind of Chinese prelude to the next month in which Mr Biden will formally take power in the United States and diplomacy with Iran will start, but at the same time we must warn the Europeans that this playground is not simple and safe, and if it is not taken care of properly and various considerations, including considerations of Iran’s national interests in Failure to do so could quickly lead to new tensions and have negative consequences for European policies in the region. Given the signs we see from Europe, these kinds of warnings are necessary for them to realize that these actions can be a very dangerous game that they have started.

“Europe and the United States, along with Iran, Russia and China, all want Burjam to be revived and to continue to function,” the senior foreign policy analyst said. Europe and the United States agree on nuclear and related clauses in the sunset and similar details. It is natural that after the period of Trump’s withdrawal from the agreement, Borjam has suffered and when there is a delay in its implementation, it will require changes.

“These things may happen, but in the end Europe and the United States, who want to stay in the joint action plan,” he said. At the same time, they want to ensure that they can negotiate with Iran on other contentious issues, such as the regional missile program and possibly human rights. Because opening the door to dialogue could ease the pressure on Republicans, who are likely to have a Senate majority, to make things more difficult for Mr. Biden.

“This reassurance also reassures critics of Burjam inside the United States,” he said. It even convinces Western allies that a return to the UN Security Council is the right thing to do, and that their other concerns about Iran will be addressed separately. We will see more interest and insistence from Europe and the United States in the future to open such a ground for dialogue with Iran in various fields.

He spoke about Biden’s team and the various pro- and anti-Borjam factions in his next administration: “Mr. Biden’s administration has brought together different factions of the Democratic Party who have different views on Iran; But the reality is that their perception of what the future holds for the United States’ relationship with Iran and Iran with the region will be crucial in choosing any of the strategies to deal with the IAEA.

According to Hosseini, it is not yet possible to say with certainty which of the factions around the next government should find a dominant face, but we know that those who were involved in drafting Borjam and the Borjam negotiations before 2015 will probably be in charge of Iran’s case during this period. They will, and are much more likely, to accompany Barjam on an unconditional return to address other issues.