Everything you need to know about the SJAM system and how to register in it

“SJAM” stands for “Comprehensive Customer Information Registration System”, which was created by the Central Securities Depository and Settlement Company under the supervision of the Exchange Organization with the aim of creating an integrated, comprehensive system and providing better and faster services to investors.

According to the decree announced by the Stock Exchange Organization, all current investors who have received the stock exchange code before September 2016 must refer to the SJAM registration system on the SJAM website and enter the requested information. On the other hand, if new entrants to the stock exchange go to brokerages, in addition to filling in the necessary information that the brokerage requires from individuals, they must enter the SJAM system and complete the required information.

Finally, by performing both of these steps, the brokerage will issue the stock exchange code and the trading code to the individuals within a certain period of time. It should be noted that since the beginning of 1397, traders were given the opportunity to enter their information in the SJAM system in several stages, which in the first stage of this opportunity lasted until the end of September 1997.

What are the benefits and advantages of SJAM?

SJAM system is responsible for collecting and managing information that customers of the capital market have not entered, and thus it can be said that at the same time with the launch of this system, the task of collecting information about shareholders has become easier, as well as integrated information. Collected and traded records of each person with transparency in the stock market and stock exchange, which is a very good opportunity to improve investment conditions in the stock market.

This system can be considered as one of the capital market infrastructures that has not been commercialized and the purpose of launching it was not to earn money.

Also, if we want to look at this system from a broad perspective, we will realize that the SJAM system is a system of national dimensions. The system is also operated directly by the Anti-Money Laundering Committee Stock Exchange and Securities Organization The country is monitored and designed so that a professional legal team has all the necessary details.

One of the most important benefits of SJAM system can be considered as facilitating the registration of capital market activists and collecting their information. You can see the information and financial statements of companies in this system and you can also be informed about the trading situation of stocks in listed companies, so in general we can say that this system can help us. To eliminate corruption in the stock market and capital of Iran, and it can also cause the necessary platform for maximum participation of people in the stock market is created by this system, and you can safely enter the stock market.

Why was the SJAM system launched?

The most important reason that eventually led to the creation of the stock system was the facilitation of authentication. In fact, imagine that as an investor you want to work online with the websites of various investment institutions, in which case you would have to authenticate each time you log in as an investor. Given the current possibilities, it can be said that online services would no longer make sense in this way.

However, by registering in the SJAM and authentication system in this system, you can simply enter the sites related to investment and simply do the work related to your business and investment without the need for authentication. Do it again and that was the main reason that eventually led to the registration of a system called SJAM as a national system.

Registration steps in SJAM system