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The longest night of the year is ahead, but this year Yalda should be different, without parties and periods; We must stay in our homes and enjoy each other from afar so that we can rest assured that our loved ones are safe from the giants of the century …

According to ISNA, Every year in the last days of Azar, the Iranians were preparing for the night; Durhami and parties, seeing the elders, reciting Hafiz, poetry and laughter, watermelon and pomegranate; But with the advent of the corona, not only our lives and customs as Iranians, but life all over the world have been affected.

Gatherings, epochs, parties, passages, restaurants, etc. can all end these days at the cost of our lives and the lives of our loved ones. This year, we should learn to celebrate Yalda far from each other, stay away from our loved ones and in our homes, and transfer our nostalgia and celebration to our mobile phones, and see the faces of the elders of our family and loved ones through cyberspace. Because otherwise the corona attack will be regretted in two to three weeks.

The fragile situation of the corona in the country

We need to know that the situation of Corona is still fragile in the country. According to Dr. Sima Sadat Lari, Spokesman of the Ministry of Health, despite the withdrawal of all cities in the country from the red situation and also the continuation of a declining trend in cases of illness, hospitalization and deaths due to disease in the country, the situation of Covid-19 disease in the country continues. It is unstable, sensitive and fragile, and any normalization provides the basis for the re-emergence of the disease.

Larry stressed that today more than ever we need to stand up and follow the protocols and hope that with the continued cooperation of people in the practice of health advice and avoidance of dangerous social behaviors and especially refrain from holding any party and Yalda night, we will see a declining trend. We are a disease in the country.

However, according to the Ministry of Health, 205 cities in the country are still in orange, ie high risk, and 243 cities are in yellow, and the slightest negligence can lead them to redness and disease outbreak.

Cycles account for 50% of Covid-19 infections

According to doctors and health experts, 50% of coronary heart disease is caused by periods, especially family periods. In this regard, Dr. Alireza Reisi, spokesman for the National Corona Headquarters, has also stated that due to the cold weather and winter, the most important cause of the disease and its spread is family cycles, and cycles can cause up to 51% of the disease. Kavid -19 be.

At the same time, experts in the field of infectious diseases have warned that if normalized, there is a risk of re-emergence of the disease and the occurrence of a terrible winter peak. As Dr. Minoo Mehrz, a member of the scientific committee of the Corona Anti-Corruption Headquarters, recently told ISNA: “If people do not comply and we have a winter peak accordingly, the situation will get worse.” So the performance of the people after this is very important. This is an experience we had in May. People’s performance can indicate whether they want Covid-19 to be controlled or whether the disease wants to re-emerge. If they want to control the disease, they must follow the health protocols and take the actions that we have repeatedly emphasized; That is, they should wear masks, keep a physical distance, not gather, wash their hands regularly, and stay out of the house as much as possible.

Mehrz stressed: “As soon as people become careless about following health protocols and return to the previous state, the disease will peak again.”

Mehrz also emphasized on not holding a period on the night of Yalda and said: On Nowruz, people did not go to see the elders and everyone stayed at home. On the night of Yalda, follow the same process to stay healthy. It has been proven that the worst issue for Corona is Durham. Infection begins with these delusions, and the disease spreads rapidly. For now, let’s leave aside family parties, weddings, mourning, and so on. Now there are more observations and less disease, but if we do not take care, day after day and day after day.

Yaldaei Virtual

In this situation, many experts have suggested that people use cyberspace and virtual social networks on Yalda night to meet and visit with family and relatives, and even suggestions such as a 50 to 60 percent discount on the Internet on Shab-e Cheleh were addressed to the Ministry of Communications. It has been done so that people can have fun with cheap internet and through video calling, far away from each other and experience a virtual era.

Yalda’s gift to the treatment staff

At the same time, Dr. Hossein Kermanpour, Director General of Public Relations of the Organization of the Medical System and Emergency Physician, while warning about the dangers of holding a course on this year’s Yalda night, emphasized: Because people visit the elders of the family. Our prediction is that if people do not comply, the number of elderly people will increase after the night of Yalda, around the 10th to the 15th of January. The danger that threatens the elderly is that they are less able to resist the corona than the young.

At the same time, he asked the people to give gifts to the Yalda medical staff and announced: On the Yalda night, people can send audio files, messages, poems, short stories and whatever they like to WhatsApp Medical System at 09128349476 and the system Medicine delivers this content to the doctors and nurses who are in the hospitals that night so that our medical staff who are in the hospitals and treatment centers that night will also be happy.

Accordingly, instead of taking the risk of coronation and turning Yalda night into a bitter memory, it is better to figure out a different Yalda and rest assured that our loved ones are healthy, we are not sick, and we have not made others sick.

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