Exercise can be the best way to achieve body health and peace of mind

According to the Borna news agency from Gilan; Soheil Haghshenas, the head coach of Sepid Rood Rasht football team and a member of the volunteer committee of Gilan Public Sports Board, in a conversation while congratulating Yalda night and wishing health to the people, said: They search various fields.

He said: “For example, one person in music, one person in reading a book and another person in sports and physical activity are looking for peace of mind.

Haghshenas added: “All these cases are part of the needs of human beings, but what can brighten both our soul and our body is undoubtedly exercise and dynamism.”

He added: “This need has led everyone today to believe that sport is an integral part of human life and we are happy to be a small part of this vibrant world.”

This member of the volunteer committee of the Guilan Public Sports Board said: “Due to the special conditions that prevail in the world today (Corona pandemic), living standards have changed. I hope our criteria and standards for health and vitality have not changed and mobility has given way to Do not be sluggish.

“Although the pleasure of group sports is much greater, he emphasized:” Remember that all our efforts are to achieve more health and peace, so considering the health tips in this period, the safest place for us is home and the safest sport. Individual sports.

Haghshenas added: “Also, exercising in secluded places with full observance of health principles can be very important in promoting community health.”

Noting that we are all interested in the health of those around us and our families, he added: “Currently, the best thing to do is to exercise at home and in safe places by following health protocols to prevent the virus from spreading to others and our loved ones.”

He congratulated the arrival of Yalda night and added: “I hope you enjoy being together with your family on Yalda night, and I also wish you to be with all the loved ones who could not celebrate this ancient night with you this year due to the corona conditions.” .

In the end, he ended his speech with a poem and said: In the words of Hazrat Hafez, who says:

You need cute doctors

Existence of thin nourishment does not bite

Hoping for a happy and healthy world for all our compatriots and dear Iran.