Expectations from listed companies have been met and positive results have been provided for the capital market

According to the Baaqtesad news website, quoting the Iranian capital market news website, “Javad Eshghinejad” also stated regarding the continuation of the capital market trend in the next three months: In this regard, the main issue is political relations and international behavior; We seem to be achieving good results in the international arena.

The Vice President of the Tehran Stock Exchange called the capital market calm in the last months of this year and added: “But for the year 1400, according to the budget, we may face new events whose analysis can have special effects on various industries;” So these effects may be associated with some industries for the next 2-3 years.

He pointed out: “In my opinion, the petrochemical industry, provided that the sanctions are adjusted and corrected, and sales power is increased, as well as metal ores and metal industries, can have appropriate goals in advance according to world prices.”

According to IRNA, the total index in the stock market today (Tuesday) fell by 25,168 units, which eventually reached 1,412,000 units.

Source: IRNA