Expensive factors of home appliances

According to Eghtesadnews, quoting Mehr News Agency, Abbas Hashemi in a press conference, regarding the situation of home appliance prices, said: The production sector consists of several components, namely raw materials, regular costs, salaries and wages; After summarizing and producing the final product, the producer must register the price in the 124 system, so the producers cannot increase the price unnecessarily.

The secretary of the Home Appliance Industry Association, referring to the permission of the protection organization earlier this year to increase the price of TVs by 20% and refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and stoves by 25%, said: “At the same meeting, we agreed with the protection organization that due to exchange rate changes , The price of raw materials and other components affecting the price of home appliances This price increase is currently accepted, but any change in production inputs reserves the right for production units to increase or adjust the price of their products in proportion to the price of production inputs. .

He added: “Therefore, the amount of 20 and 25 percent price increase was determined as the basis for price change this year and in proportion to the exchange rate over time, but in the same period, the dollar rate also increased from 18,000 tomans to 29,000 tomans.”

Reflection of prices to the sponsoring organization

The secretary of the Home Appliance Industries Association said that at present the exchange rate is not much different from the exchange rates of other methods of providing foreign exchange, such as the applicant’s currency and individuals. Home appliances reflect prices to the sponsoring organization. Given that the organization does not have much history, especially in the price of new goods, this information is a source for them, and on the other hand, the information on the price of raw materials in the stock market can be reviewed, generally accepted and the pricing process is shorter.

Hashemi also said: the resolution of the Economic Coordination Headquarters and also the agreement of the Central Bank against its desire to use the applicant’s currency, persons, obtained from exports and even without transfer of positive currency will be evaluated because the implementation of this resolution is the status of raw materials and in general Has helped the production sector.

We have not requested a price increase

Asked by Mehr whether manufacturers had recently requested a price increase, he clarified: “Appliance manufacturers have not seen a price increase in the last month and a half.”

Steel supply is limited

Hashemi, in response to another question from Mehr about the price of raw materials for home appliances, said: How to calculate the price of steel sheets includes the average global prices multiplied by the exchange rate multiplied by the margin of competition, which is at least 15%; When the supply of steel is not enough and the price is calculated in this way, the price of raw materials that are produced increases. On the other hand, due to the fact that supply is not enough, 50% of the producer’s needs are met from the open market, so that the price of a type of grade, which was 28,000 Tomans, was sold in the open market for 130,000 Tomans.

He added: “There is more organization in copper, but not in the case of sheets and petrochemicals;” The producer has to set the price based on the input of raw materials for pricing. Production units calculate the cost price with an average profit of 10 to 15 percent, which in times of market downturn, these profits become single digits.

Some warehouse vendors made home appliances

The secretary of the Home Appliance Industry Association, in response to Mehr’s question as to which component causes inflation in the market, clarified: Lack of positive outlook from the perspective of sellers and consumers, rising exchange rates, market inflammation, psychological advertising in the community and reduction The value of the national currency has led some to buy and hold large numbers of home appliances in the distribution sector to take advantage of this increase.

He added: “I will not name this action as hoarding, because according to the current situation in the country, the seller does this to make a profit.” But in general, all the things mentioned from the price of raw materials to the sales situation in the market are the cause of the rise in prices of home appliances.

Hashemi emphasized: The market regulation headquarters, which issues only the letter section, and sometimes due to the contradiction of these letters, causes inflammation, but if the price of raw materials can be monitored and this section is organized, we can hope that the situation will improve. The producer can not unnecessarily increase the price of the goods. The seller is also under the supervision of the union and only a part of them hoard or sell expensive, but the pricing formulas must be prepared so that a hoarding warehouse is not formed. Corruption must be stopped.

Exhibition of home appliances without the presence of foreigners

The secretary of the Home Appliances Industry Association, also referring to the home appliances exhibition, said: “This four-day exhibition will start next Friday, the 5th of December, and will continue until Monday, the 8th of December, with the presence of visitors from industries and industrial units.” Some knowledge-based companies as well as parts manufacturers related to the home appliance industry are present in this period of the exhibition.

He pointed out that this exhibition, considering the size and presence of units, is the largest exhibition held since the beginning of this year, he clarified: Despite the request of the association to have exhibitions in China and Turkey, due to flight restrictions and problems Quarantine, foreigners will not be present at this year’s exhibition.

Of course, according to the Secretary General of the Home Appliances Association, in coordination with the Iran International Exhibitions Company, at the same time as the physical holding of this exhibition, a virtual exhibition is provided for units that failed to attend or visitors and is scheduled for four days of exhibitions and webinars. Hold officials, manufacturers and craftsmen.

He also spoke about how to comply with health protocols: with the establishment of disinfection tunnels at the entrance of the halls, the establishment of medical and emergency teams, disinfectants, the need to mask people and also full observance of health protocols during booth construction, health protocols considered by the National Corona Headquarters. Will be observed and various monitors will be present to control the number of visitors.

Hashemi further stated that about 220 million dollars of internalization has taken place in the home appliance industry by holding domestic manufacturing tables in the Ministry of Mining Industry and Trade. He said: The Iranian Home Appliance Industries Association seeks to develop this sector by forming a parts manufacturing department. So far, we have made good progress in the discussion of electronic boards and vacuum cleaner motors.

According to him, in general, the amount of internal manufacturing depth varies depending on the type of product, but on average, in the home appliance industry, we have 70 to 75% of internal manufacturing depth. For example, the depth of interior construction in the refrigerator is 75%, washing machine 70 to 75%, gas heater 95 to 100% and in the water cooler is 100%, but in TV the lowest depth of interior construction is 35%, which is the case in The whole world is true, because 50 to 60% of the value of the TV is related to its module screen, which has only three or four manufacturers in the world, and investing in low-circulation is not economical in this sector. Recently, however, news has been heard of the launch of module page production in the country.

The secretary of the Iranian Home Appliance Industry Association also stated that the amount of domestic production in new industries such as split units and microwave ovens is less, stating that the average annual export of home appliances is $ 250 million and said: “Some industrial units have made some progress in exports. The assembly line is based in several neighboring countries and exports parts separately (CKD), producing and supplying the assembly line.

He stated that for the sustainable growth of exports, some infrastructures and laws should be reformed and we should move towards the export of higher value-added items, and specified: At present, Iran is among the neighboring countries, CIS and Central Asia in terms of equipment production technology. Home is superior to Turkey and there is potential for increased exports in the country.