Expert manpower is a tool to deal with emerging risks in the insurance market

According to Eqtesadonline, Ahmad Reza Zarabieh, who spoke at the panel “Management of Emerging Risks in the Insurance Industry, Opportunities and Challenges” at the 27th Conference on Insurance and Development, said that our country has faced catastrophic risks in recent years. “It is impossible to predict what new risks will arise in the future, but insurers need to be more prepared for similar cases,” he said.

He called the phenomenon of economic sanctions against Iran a great risk for the country and reminded: “On the other hand,” lifting sanctions “can also be a big risk, because by lifting them, the world’s largest insurance companies may enter the country and that Sometimes domestic insurance companies have to compete with them.

In the second part of his speech, Zarabieh, referring to the rapid and widespread use of digital and electronic services in everyday life such as banking services, luxury shopping and intercity transportation, said: “People in our society are accustomed to such services and now We are also expected to provide insurance services in the same way, in other words, changing the process of providing our services is an emerging risk, and insurers must adapt to the new conditions of the plan.

Emphasizing that the business model of insurers should be changed in accordance with the current conditions of society, he called the emergence of new insurance policies in the world a significant event and said: “We are selling life insurance policies and raising capital by methods We are usually faced with life insurance tools that do not cover the risks, but may take care of the health of the people before the occurrence of the control and manage the risk of life by increasing the life expectancy of the people.

Zarabieh described data collection and analysis as one of the insurers’ risk control tools and said: “We have collected data, but we do not assess losses based on that data, in other words, if losses are assessed based on data.” In general, the way insurers operate will change.

The CEO of Saman Insurance Company called the use of “open innovation” as one of the advanced tools to accelerate the movement of insurers and pointed out that investing in attracting startups should become one of the priorities of insurers. What is the definition of startups currently limited to the price comparison units of insurance services, but in the near future they can make a big difference in the insurance industry, in return if they are not supported and the red carpet is not spread in front of them, to the industry Another will move.

Emphasizing the need to create an open innovation infrastructure in the insurance industry, Zarabieh called on insurance companies to create an “accelerator” in the field of startups and continued: “Another key issue to face emerging risks is to invest to attract And human capital training is specialized, because the human capital of a scientist with up-to-date knowledge can transform the industry.

Zarabieh also said that empowering the sales network and turning it into large collections with significant revenues should be the vision of insurers, noting that the expansion of the sales network makes the products of insurance companies to be designed according to customer needs, and this demand Our final.

He stressed: The insurance industry should be more active in the field of reinsurance, because this action will increase the supervisory layers and thus lead companies to the right path to the right insurance.

The CEO of Saman Insurance Company called the creation of “Sanhab” a big step in the direction of analyzing the data of the insurance industry and called for the use of this capacity to control existing and emerging risks.