Explain the details of the women’s security plan according to Pejmanfar

The head of the Article 90 Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, explaining the details of the plan for the protection and security of women against violence as one of the planners, said that in this plan, according to the characteristics of women and their differences in terms of mental, physical and personality Social and family arenas are provided for them.

In an interview with ISNA, Hojjatoleslam Nasrullah Pejmanfar, referring to the announcement of the receipt of the plan for protection, dignity and security of women against violence in the open session of the parliament last Wednesday, said: The government had announced several times that it would submit the bill to ensure security for women. But they did not send this bill and we proposed it in the form of a plan. One of the goals of this project is to protect the dignity of women and maintain and support family security. Also, raising awareness and raising the level of public information in relation to respecting women’s rights, promoting communities and combating violent crimes that may exist in some communities is also considered in this project.

He added: “We also envisage in this plan that an organization consisting of relevant agencies, including the Deputy for Prevention of the Judiciary, the Deputy Prosecutor, the Vice President for Women’s Affairs and the Public Culture Council, and about 20 related legal entities be set up. They are to have detailed studies, and duties and responsibilities are foreseen for the devices in the field of protection, education and judiciary.

The representative of the people of Mashhad continued: “In this plan, tasks have been foreseen for the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. We tried to have a cultural approach and consider support for women.” There are also special tasks for the Ministry of Cooperatives, the Welfare Organization, the security services and the services. In the case of prisons, the protection of the dignity of women prisoners is also considered so that these people can return to society without being harmed.

Pejmanfar continued: “We followed this plan from the 10th parliament, but its conditions were not provided.” Of course, this plan certainly has similarities with the bill that has already been drafted in the judiciary, and the main part of it is to support and protect women.

He reminded: in connection with crimes such as murder or insult, obscenity, beatings and issues that harm public decency and morality, there are also cases in this plan, these are points that should be considered and in In this way, the position of women in society will be promoted and security will be achieved.

He stressed: “In many countries, special rights for women are not considered by raising the issue that there is no difference between men and women; While we tried to consider support in the social and family spheres according to the characteristics of women and the differences that exist in terms of mental, physical and personality. For example, when a woman assumes the responsibilities of motherhood in life, special rights should be considered for her in the workplace. Because otherwise he will not be able to raise a child.

Pejmanfar also said: in some issues such as insult or obscenity, there is a natural difference between men and women. Or, for example, taking a photo of another person without permission is different for men and women; Because the damage is different. So we must try to give real support to time and be able to provide them with the right to a better life in society.

The representative of the people of Mashhad in the parliament said that the plan, which was recently announced in the parliament, will probably be referred to the cultural commission as the main commission and the judicial commission as the sub-commission.

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