Explain the economic approvals of the National Corona Headquarters

Explaining the first economic decision of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters, Mohammad Nahavandian said: “This headquarters last month, due to the special conditions imposed by the Corona restrictions on businesses and mainly in the service sector,” said Mohammad Nahavandian. , Had a resolution and after that the Islamic Consultative Assembly also approved a plan regarding the payment to households.

He added: “The implementation of these resolutions required coordination.” Following the talks between the presidents and the Islamic Consultative Assembly, an operational agreement was reached, in the framework of which the number of recipients of this subsidy payment should have been increased to 40 million by amending the National Corona headquarters.

The Vice President for Economic Affairs stated that the payment will be 100,000 Tomans per month for these 4 months, stating: Of course, special groups that are covered by the Relief and Welfare Committee and have special conditions, will receive 120,000 Tomans per month according to the Islamic Consultative Assembly. کرد. Arrangements were made to implement and provide the resources for the resolution, and the first payment was made yesterday.

Nahavandian mentioned the second issue in connection with the implementation of the law amending the law of checks and said: this law, which was approved by the parliament in 1397, had given 2 years to provide the necessary systems and preparations that from now on the issuance of checks will be done with special conditions. Must be registered in the hunter system.

He added: “In part of this law, banks were prohibited from paying checks that did not comply with these regulations.” The central bank had predicted that this trend would lead to a lot of referrals to bank branches, and that some people might not be familiar and prepared, and in these coronary circumstances we could not have high-density referrals to banks.

The Vice President for Economic Affairs said: “Therefore, the headquarters decided to postpone the implementation of this note until the end of the year, so that the necessary acquaintances, information and culture-building can be done in the meantime.” Of course, its systems are ready and the relevant resolution has been approved by the Monetary and Credit Council and is ready to be implemented, and if there are problems in the law itself, it was decided to submit a bill to the parliament on its own.

At the beginning of his speech, he thanked all the people, especially the guilds, economic units and businesses that cooperated with the instructions of the National Corona Headquarters.