Explanation of Persepolis about the protest against the cancellation of the game with Zobahan

In his latest statement, a member of the Football Federation’s disciplinary committee stated that he had not received any letter from the Persepolis club about the reasons for canceling the game with Zobahan and that there were no documents that they wanted to enter.

In this regard, and to enlighten public opinion, Persepolis Club announced that on December 14th, a letter was sent to Persepolis Club President Haidar Baharvand, the head of the league organization, in which we asked for clarification of three issues regarding the cancellation of the match with Isfahan Steel:
A) Announce the exact reasons for the cancellation of this meeting.
Two) Creating equal conditions for the teams after returning from the final of the Asian Champions League and preventing the tightening of matches.
3) Pursuing the issue of cancellation of the game and possible violations of the Steel Club in compliance with the announced protocols.

However, we are surprised to receive such a letter due to the ignorance of a member of the disciplinary committee; This afternoon, following our previous protest, we sent a new letter to the league organization and asked for an immediate assignment to meet with Zobahan.

It remains to be seen why our friends on the disciplinary committee even express ignorance of the club’s letter and use the word “never” to receive the letter. Undoubtedly, the administrative structure and registration of the letter number in the secretariat is the best way to find out the truth.

The Persepolis club said in a statement: “Finally, it is expected that the officials of the Football Federation will be more strict in responding to uninformed interviews with their respective officials, and instead of immediately denying the issues or commenting without studying, they will examine more of their professional cases.”