Exploitation of 375 meters long surface water conduction canal in Kafrash Nahavand village

According to the Borna correspondent from Hamedan, Murad Naseri, along with Salehi, the central district governor and the director general of the Hamedan Housing Foundation, and a group of executives visited the executive operation of constructing a stone canal in Kafrash village.

During this visit, the governor of Nahavand said: “This project was a demand for the right of the villagers and the request of the council and village council, which was fortunately repelled by the Nahavand city housing foundation with a credit of 1 billion and 500 million tomans from the national credit with a length of 375 meters.” Sewerage and surface water of Nahavand village and municipal wastewater that passes through this route was constructed and will be officially inaugurated in the near future with the presence of provincial and city officials.

He added: “These measures are the result of the special attention of the esteemed governor and director general of the provincial housing foundation to the villages of Nahavand constituency.”

On the sidelines of visiting the implementation of the National Housing Action Plan in Nahavand, Naseri said: “Through the Roads and Urban Development Administration and the Housing Foundation in order to help provide housing, the” National Housing Action Plan “in the form of 320 housing units in Nahavand city is planned.

The governor of Nahavand announced the fulfillment of the demand of the people of Taimeh village after years of dehydration and said: with the participation of the people and the follow-ups done by the central district of the city, the problem of drinking water of the people of Taimeh village, which was right, was realized after years of dehydration.