Extension of the deadline for completing the national housing stock until the 5th of January

Opportunity to deposit about 40 million Tomans of the National Housing Action Plan until It was the 30th of December It has been extended for another five days, and according to the announcement of the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development, the applicants have until Friday, the 5th of January, to complete their inventory.

Mahmoud Mahmoudzadeh added: “For the last time, until 24:00 on Friday, January 26, we again set an opportunity for those who have completed their documents but had difficulty securing their cash.” Those who deposited money and did not receive a text message are not a problem and can be informed of the latest status of their case by visiting the registration site and entering their tracking code.

He added: “After determining the duties of the first stage applicants, we will have a new registration for national housing.”

So far, the time of depositing money for the applicants of the National Housing Action Plan has been extended twice at the end of October and November. Of course, officials say that at the end of November, those who received the text message but did not complete the inventory were eliminated.