Extensive and high quality dealer network is the competitive advantage of Saipa Group

The CEO of Saipaydak emphasized: The network of extensive agencies as well as the provision of quality services is the competitive advantage of Saipa Automotive Group and Saipa Yadak Company finds an identity with its network.

According to the economic observation and quoting Saipaydak public relations, Seyed Mohammad Reza Mousavi in ​​a meeting with members of the board of directors of Saipa Automotive Group Dealers Association said: The quality of services means that we all strive for a common goal, and that is to serve the Islamic homeland and the dear people.

He added: “In the year of production leap, the issue of network and customer satisfaction was more and more emphasized by the senior managers of Saipa Group, which fortunately, a look at the statistics shows that good steps have been taken both in terms of production and quality of services.” The same trend will continue in the coming years.

Mousavi said: “Considering the comparative capacities and advantages in the network of dealerships and also considering the goals and opportunities available to Saipa Automotive Group, the participation of dealerships will improve the business environment by improving after-sales services.” شد.

Emphasizing the need to change attitudes towards traditional methods of providing services, he said: “Saipaydak’s move towards new approaches in providing services and selling spare parts, will be a model for other companies providing after-sales services.”

The CEO of Saipaidak added: The goals of Saipa Yadak Company and the dealer network are in the same direction and without the participation of the network, the goals of Saipa Automotive Group will not be achieved.

Mousavi stated: Understanding the wants and needs of the customer, in today’s competitive business environment, is one of the factors to empower organizations, and organizations that can not achieve this level of customer behavior, automatically removed from the competition cycle. They will be. Therefore, we try to achieve this with the cooperation and cooperation of the dealer network.