Extraordinary sale of 3 Iran Khodro products started + table

In the tenth stage of extraordinary sales of its products, Iran Khodro offers محصول 3 products with a delivery date of 90 days. This project will be implemented for three days from today, Sunday, December 20th.

In order to distribute and supply the car to real customers, the restrictions applied in the previous plans will continue to apply. Details of the restrictions are available in the text of the letter.

Those selected for previous plans who failed to deposit money can also apply for registration in this plan.

The final applicants will be determined by drawing lots no later than three days after the registration deadline, these people will have up to five days to deposit the full amount of the car.

Iran Khodro

Date and method of registration:

Extraordinary sale plan (3 months) of Iranian car products according to the table below will start on Sunday, 09/30/99 and will continue until Tuesday, 02-10-99. A maximum of 3 working days after the end of registration, a lottery will be held and the names of the selected will be announced.

Registration process:

Step 1: The applicant, by entering his user code and password, enters his registration page and selects the vehicle.

Second stage: The names of the winners will be announced in the presence of supervisory authorities.

Step 3: The final shortlist will be announced via the online sales site and SMS.

Note 1: In case of any discrepancies in the conditions for obtaining the applicant (general conditions) at any stage before the delivery of the car, the registration of the applicant will be considered incomplete and the customer will be refunded to his account and will not be responsible for the delivery of the car. Will not be a company.

Note 2: Before announcing the names of the selected, the customer will not deposit any money and the conditions for obtaining a check to purchase the products of Iran Khodro Company have been removed in this plan.

General conditions of the circular:

1. Each national code is assigned only one vehicle.

2. The applicant is required to provide the original and photocopy of the car driver’s license (at least the third grade).

3. The minimum distance from the last purchase (registration or delivery of the car) in Iran Khodro and Saipa companies is 48 months.

4. The possibility of peace and transfer of the car does not exist even in the form of a lawyer in accordance with the approvals of the car committee.

5. At the time of registration, the applicant must introduce his / her account number (night number) and it is necessary to use bank cards in his / her name to deposit money. Also, the introduced mobile phone number must be in the name of the applicant.

6. Registration will not be possible for legal clients.

7. The agency code that is selected by the applicant in the second stage and at the time of deposit, must be with the address and postal code of the applicant in a province.

8. The transfer of rights arising from being selected in a lottery to third parties is prohibited.

9. The car warranty will be void after 3 months from the time of delivery if you do not go to the dealership to receive the initial service, and at least 1,000 kilometers of the car is required to visit the dealership.

10. The car sales document and invoice will remain with Iran Khodro Company until the end of the one-year mortgage period, and will be delivered to the esteemed customers after the customer’s account is settled and the mortgage is paid.

Note 1: It will not be possible to register for an applicant with an active police license plate (installed on a car).

Note 2: Those who do not have a driver’s license (at least third grade) or have an active license plate and register in this plan, while the registration is considered invalid for up to 3 years, the possibility of registration in all future sales plans of Iran Khodro Will not have.

Note 3: In this circular, from the time of deposit until the delivery of the car, the participation and cancellation interest will not be paid.

Activation time of this circular is 10 o’clock on Sunday, 09/30/99.