Extraordinary sale of Iran ع Extraordinary Iran ود car / new car price + registration link

Meanwhile, Iran Khodro Industrial Group has completed the tenth stage of the extraordinary sale of its products with a maximum delivery period of three months, 20 days after the ninth stage. 2 and Samand LX with the delivery date of September to November 1400, their pre-sale and lottery last Thursday (December 17) among the applicants, Iran Khodro lottery and the winners were determined.

In the tenth stage of the extraordinary sales plan of Iran Khodro Industrial Group products, three products of Peugeot 206 Type 2, Peugeot Pars Petrol and Peugeot Pars with TU5 engine will be offered with a maximum delivery date of 90 days and a definite price. Registration in this plan is valid from today (Sunday) for three days (until the second Tuesday of January).

As usual in Iran Khodro’s extraordinary sales plans, after the deadline for registration and authentication of applicants, a lottery will be held among eligible registrants in the presence of regulatory bodies, and after the lottery process in the presence of regulatory bodies, selected names will be selected through the product sales site. Iran‌khodro and sending SMS will be announced. The selected ones must deposit the car within five days through the same online sales site at esale.ikco.ir.

As is the case with car manufacturers’ sales plans, in order to distribute cars among real customers, restrictions include assigning a car to any national code, not having an active license plate of the applicant, having a license, at least 48 months from the last registration or delivery time of Iran Khodro companies. And Saipa and the account number and contact number belong to the applicant.

There is also a ban on the transfer of points and rights resulting from being selected in the lottery to third parties, and the impossibility of peace and transfer of the car, even as a lawyer. While the warranty car After three months from the time of delivery, if you do not go to the dealership to receive the initial service, it will be canceled, and at least one thousand kilometers of the vehicle is required to visit the dealership.

According to the conditions in the price table, the amount of one million tomans of the transaction price will not be paid by the customer for one year and in exchange for the customer’s debt and commitment not to transfer the car to another, the car will be mortgaged for the same period. The term condition in this paragraph is only at the disposal of the automaker and the buyer cannot pay the remaining amount ahead of time.

Obviously, failure to deposit the car on time will be considered as cancellation of registration. It should also be noted that those selected from previous plans who failed to deposit money can also re-register in this sales plan.

The table of transferable cars in the tenth stage of the extraordinary sales plan of Iran-Khodro is as follows:

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