Extremely important news for educators

Ali al-Hiyar Turkman in the program “Questioner” about why the notification of Article 28 teachers, which is their first year of teaching this year, has been read since October 1, 1999; While the new academic year has started by the order of the Minister on September 6, what is the duty of these 15 days that have neither insurance nor salary? He said: “Teachers are going through difficult days due to the conditions of the corona and the continuity and necessity of education.” I appreciate them for their contribution and the education complex.

He added: “According to the employment licenses issued to us by the administrative and employment organization, the beginning of the service of these people is at the beginning of the second half of the year and according to the decree notified to education, the license is the first of October.”

Calculate 15 more working days for teachers due to the early start of the school year

Al-Hiyar stated that the new school year was reopened on September 6, not by the order of the Minister of Education, but by the approval of the National Corona Headquarters, and that these approvals are binding on everyone. “Our teachers, who started working 15 days earlier, will definitely continue their work.” , We will compensate and calculate their efforts and the hours they worked overtime.

Regarding the need to develop a human resource planning system and a comprehensive human management system for education, he said: “It is absolutely true that any educational system in order to be able to serve the entire population of its training needs to organize its training forces on a comprehensive system and a specific model.” , Manage, distribute and operate.

Al-Hiyar added: “Is education allowed to plan such a system with the external interventions that are currently being carried out?” And if he does, will his minister not be threatened with impeachment?

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Resource Development of the Ministry of Education continued: “A clear example of these interventions is the eleven amendments to a law that was turned into law by the parliament in 2009 as a plan and about 60,000 people were to be attracted to education.” It was amended 11 times and about 197,000 people entered education through it, and this process is still going on, and in the literature of education manpower, the word “remnant” has been coined.

Using the purchasing power of services is not circumventing the law

He continued: “We have to use part-time forces in some areas and we have a law to use the forces to buy services, which is Article 41 of the Accession Law 2, which has been approved by the parliament and the Guardian Council.” This does not mean circumventing the law; Education in these years is facing the conditions of retirement due to retirement, and if we do not use the same part-time staff in some places, we will certainly not be able to provide full service to our staff. I wish the parliament would oblige the government instead of amending the law 11 times. To standardize working conditions.

Reacting to the statement that teachers are not involved in education decisions, Al-Hiyar said: “50,000 teachers are in the administrative staff and make decisions; Who said we do not involve the teacher?

Addressing Mirzadeh, a former member of parliament and advisor to the head of the Program and Budget Organization on cultural affairs, he said: “Mr. Mirzadeh, in the last days of your parliament, you inquired and assigned the government to preschool teachers who worked with the principal and parents for only one year.” To make a contract; In one province at least a thousand people had these conditions. You say we circumvent the law, then you were at the helm of circumventing the law.

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Resource Development of the Ministry of Education said: the compilation of the seventh development plan is underway and the country’s vision document after 1404 should be considered from now on. If we want to make the teacher talk, it does not benefit the teacher, but we want to enter a completely practical system that determines the status of teachers in the future; The government and parliament must work together to improve the state of education, based on the approach taken by the Supreme Leader in his speech on 11 September.

Statistics of manpower shortage in education

He pointed to the shortage of education manpower and said: in the last five years, about 140,000 people retired from education; Of course, we try to delay this process by using legal mechanisms, but if they want to retire on time, something like another 100,000 people will retire, and based on this, we urgently used Article 28 of the statute of Farhangian University.

Al-Hiyar said that we do not believe that our work is completely accurate and flawless, but it is our performance that we must defend: “Our message is that we must consider the possibilities and needs and according to the needs of the target community who are our students.” , To fulfill the main task of education to make education available to all segments of the country in all parts of the country.

Regarding the student enrollment situation at Farhangian University, he said: “It is said that the capacity of Farhangian University has decreased in this government. I must say that it has decreased in three years, and the reason was that Farhangian University has problems in terms of both dormitory and manpower conditions.” And there were problems that the government decided to give the university some time; Because when a student enters the university, it becomes more difficult to do corrective work. So they were supposed to give a breath to Farhangian University and then you will see that we had an upward trend in giving licenses.

Attracting 52,000 people at Farhangian University this year

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Resource Development of the Ministry of Education said: “This year, we had 20,000 people in the four-year student-teacher course, 27,300 people in Article 28, and something like 5,000 unused licenses last year, ie 52,000 people in the entrance exam booklet and employment booklet.” We absorbed education.

Al-Hiyar continued: “According to the constitution of the country, the administrative and employment organization is responsible for the program, budget and manpower. We examined and presented our medium and short-term needs, and according to the field, region and gender that we need to We have reached this number.

He added: “Now, at least in the last four or five years, the student enrollment curve in Farhangian University has increased and we plan to get energy from Farhangian University and Tarbiat Dabir Shahid Rajaei.” I believe that where there is law education, it uses the approved, communicated and official law, and it does not mean circumventing the law at all; If there is a problem in the law, it should be amended, and if it is not, education has its authority.

Al-Hayar said that in education, all our efforts are to solve problems using legal mechanisms: “We have complex problems in education.” In the field of human resources, which requires special solutions and we do not get anywhere with casual conversations.

He added: In 1399, the share of education in the government bill from the public budget was about 13.7 percent, but when the law was approved, it reached 12.6 percent; In the Education and Research Commission, it was proposed that the exclusive income of universities and technical and vocational organizations be exempted from the 3% Balanced Law deduction law, but did not exclude education.

“Our argument is that these issues have become complicated and chronic,” said the deputy director of education resources planning and development; Cross-cutting and temporary solutions do not work, and we want specific solutions based on study, research and scientific findings. We are ready for any kind of cooperation in the service of the parliament and we are ready to submit our reports to the research center of the parliament and provide the conditions for decision-making so that we can solve the problems.

A ranking bill is being drafted

He also said about the ranking bill for cultural figures: “The ranking bill is being drafted and we are following it in the scientific, cultural and social deputy of the Program and Budget Organization. This week we will have a meeting with the administrative and employment organization and the ranking bill will be submitted to the parliament soon.” With our own terms and conditions and the basis of his own opinion, as well as the influence he has in functioning on improving the quality of education; In this regard, one dimension is the financial dimension, but it also has other dimensions.