Falling coin prices + details

At 14:15 on Saturday, the new Azadi spring coin reached 11 million and 750 thousand tomans, the old design Azadi spring coin was traded at 11 million and 400 thousand tomans.

Also, the price of Bahar Azadi half coin was exchanged at 6 million and 250 thousand Tomans, quarter coin at the price of 4 million and 250 thousand Tomans and one gram coin at the price of 2 million and 380 thousand Tomans.

In addition, in the gold market, the price of each gram of 18-carat gold reached 1,131,000 tomans and each ounce of gold reached 4,900,000 tomans.

The global ounce of gold also traded at $ 1,882 today, stable compared to the last working hours of yesterday.

In recent weeks, the price of coins and gold affected by the foreign exchange market has been declining, and currency fluctuations and the downward trend of foreign exchange prices have also affected the gold market.

On the other hand, the decrease in the global ounce price of gold has also caused the fall in the price of gold and coins.

Starting the distribution of the corona vaccine and improving economic conditions in the coming months will reduce the popularity of gold as a tool for investment.