Familiarity with the latest electronic services of the Welfare Bank in Corona

According to Shaman News, quoting Fars News Agency, electronic systems in a situation where the presence of people to do banking may provide them with problems, can significantly help to do things quickly.

Therefore, the report states that the Welfare Bank is one of the banks that in the current situation has provided many facilities for the absence of customers in the bank. The growing trend of using various types of mobile smartphones and tablets, as well as the widespread acceptance of their value-added services, has led to a variety of requests from mobile banking services as an important tool in face-to-face banking, so to create a unified procedure. In providing electronic banking services and developing and completing its services, the design and preparation of the welfare bank mobile system based on Android and iOS operating systems has been done and is ready to be used and presented to customers.

Customers can use features such as SMS management, periodic reliability, payment of periodic installments, amazing Irancell recharge, accounts that can be displayed at ATMs and reporting of check checks created in this system.

The welfare bank mobile system has many advantages, including the fact that the mobile banking application is designed in such a way that all sections of society, including young and old, educated and illiterate, can easily interact with it and make their desired transactions. Do.

Also, regarding mobile money transfer, it is possible to make a deposit by having the mobile phone number of the customer of the destination of the Welfare Bank.

In addition, in the case of SMS management, the user can activate, deactivate or renew the account balance of the account connected to the card for his / her accounts, and finally, the installments can be paid automatically within a specified period of time.

Also in the real and legal internet banking systems of Refah Bank, new services such as ID card deposit, remittance and stock reporting, cardless withdrawal, cancellation without card, improvement in showing the list of facilities and installments, group operations and its follow-up, registration of periodic operations Users, periodic operation reports, service management and accounts that can be displayed in the ATM are included in this system.

View the list of your accounts and activate / deactivate them, view the services defined on each of your accounts and activate / deactivate each of them, as well as activate / deactivate the mobile banking system, deactivate the internet banking system of other services This bank is in electronic systems.