Famli became the second largest stock exchange company

One of the events that took place in the year of production leap and thanks to the achievements of the copper company this year, is the copper company being ranked as the second largest stock exchange company in the country in terms of market value.

According to the economic observation report quoted by Tasnim: The value of the national copper market reached more than 320,000 billion tomans at the end of December 13 transactions and in a negative market climate, with this value, the copper company became the second largest stock exchange company after the Persian Gulf Holding.

National Copper Company at the end of 1997 with a net profit of 4900 billion Tomans and in 1998 with a net profit of 12 thousand and 150 billion Tomans was the second largest company in the group of “base metals” and “metal ore extraction” in terms of profitability, but with effort. The hardworking complex of the copper industry of this company became the top company in terms of profitability and capital market value by making a profit of more than 10 thousand billion Tomans among the group of “basic metals”.

In addition, according to official statistics, by the end of November, the total sales of the copper company reached 23 thousand and 85 billion tomans, which earned 13% more than the total revenue of last year.

Also, according to this report, the copper company has shone well in the field of production since the beginning of this year, so that by the end of November 1399, with the production of 235,400 tons of anodes and 183,300 tons of copper cathodes, respectively, 9 and 6 percent growth in The production record of the copper company has been determined.