Famous football expert comments about Persepolis becoming runner-up

Ibrahim Ghasempour In the case of a 2-1 defeat Persepolis Against Olsan of South Korea in the final of the Asian Champions League, he stated: Persepolis played a good game in the final against the team of South Korea, although the two teams were not comparable in terms of facilities, finances, etc., but the stress and pressure of the match It caused two experienced players of Persepolis to make childish mistakes and these individual mistakes caused them to miss the championship cup.

He added: Persepolis played well with its resources. On the other hand, the absence of Ehsan Pahlavan, Vahid Amiri and Issa Al-Kathir had a negative impact on the team’s game. Persepolis’ two-week absence from the match was further caused.

This Football expert Referring to Olsan Korea’s two penalties, he said: “2 unnecessary penalties, which were accompanied by players’ mistakes, led the Korean team to victory. Of course, players’ mistakes are also inevitable. In the first half, there was no need for Noorullahi to want to shoot the ball in such a way that he hit the opponent’s foot instead of the ball. In the second half, an Indian error caused the Korean team to score, perhaps the Korean striker’s scissor kick had a 10% chance of scoring.

Ghasempour emphasized: If Persepolis went to the locker room with a 1-0 victory, it was possible that the result of the game would be something else, but football is the same and it is unpredictable. Players made mistakes who are considered to be experienced players of Persepolis and were not young players.