Fanunizadeh’s controversial claim about Persepolis! + Details

Regarding Persepolis’ performance in the winter transfers of the Premier Football League, Morteza Fanunizadeh said: “Attracting Mehdi Torabi, Shahriyar Moghanloo and Farshad Faraji will help Persepolis a lot.” The team had a problem in scoring, and now with good players on the offensive line, it can pay attention to the demands of the fans for more goals.

The Persepolis veteran added: “Of course, the problem of scoring this team was due to the lack of experience of its players in the offensive line.” The deprivation of Isa Al-Kathir also caused Persepolis to return to ideal conditions for a while. This team is now complete.

He also said about the presence of Farshad Faraji in the defense of Persepolis: the presence of Seyed Jalal Hosseini as a real leader in Persepolis is obligatory. Not only does he have a good season, but he is fully mature and knows how to treat any player. The Canaanites also played well. The score of Persepolis defense is really twenty.

Morteza Fanunizadeh stated: However, the team that wants to remain a champion needs a strong bench. Farshad Faraji Khayal can make everyone comfortable. I hope he will be in Persepolis very soon and the technical staff of this team will have a good return from him. The bench of each team can sign the championship decree.

The Iranian football expert also spoke about the hosting of the Iranian national team and clubs in Asia and said:

There has always been useless lobbying in the AFC. The directors of the federation should have thought about this issue. Gentlemen, do not forget that reckless behavior cannot be coded. We are technically one of the best in Asia, but we still do not have the power in the executive and management affairs of the continent.