Fariba Naderi and her billionaire wife’s huge wealth + pictures

Fariba Naderi The good actor of our country has participated in the sixth season of the new series of Iranian Dinner. Fariba Naderi The hosts were Fatemeh Goodarzi, Nasim Adabi and Shohreh Soltani, whose stylish house attracted their attention. Fariba Naderi The 33-year-old film and television actor got married for the second time eight years after the death of his ex-wife Massoud Rassam. Fariba Naderi Born on April 12, 1984 in Tehran and graduating from university with a degree in computer graphics, the death of Fariba Naderi’s wife made life difficult for him.

Biography of Fariba Naderi:

Fariba Naderi Born on April 13, 1984 in Tehran, Fariba Naderi is an actress with a bachelor’s degree in graphics who started her career in front of the camera. Fariba Naderi After marrying a director, he became famous for the second time and now he has a daughter.

Start acting

At the age of 19, when he accompanied his friend to test his acting in a recitation, he was tested and accepted at the suggestion of Massoud Rassam (Kargraden).

After being accepted for some time, he participated in Behrouz Baghaei acting classes and gained his first acting experience with the series Red Pearl in 2004.


First marriage with 27 years of age difference

Fariba Naderi entered into a romantic relationship in 2004 when she was 20 years old with Masoud Rassam, a 47-year-old director whose age difference reached 27 years.

Eventually, the two married in 2006


The story of love and romance

After meeting Massoud and the passage of time, I felt that he had a special feeling for me, he had fallen in love with me and one day he said it.


I also fell in love

I knew about his illness

Many people may think that I did not know about his illness and I agreed to this marriage, but I knew from 1983 that Massoud had cancer.

When I married him, the doctors said that cancer would work in six months, but the miracle of love and hope caused him to fight cancer in 1988.

The couple had no children together, Dena Rassam is the daughter of the late Rassam from his first wife

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Second marriage + first child

Eight years after the death of Massoud Rassam, Fariba Naderi, who had previously said she would not marry any filmmaker, married Mehrdad Tabatabai, a food activist, in 1996.

The fruit of this life is a girl named Yara Tabatabai born in Esfand 96

A Muslim with two fires

I am a Muslim, I may look like a custom in society, but I adhere to the rules of my religion, I pray and the source of my imitation is Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi.

I have called their office many times to ask questions and get my answer. Khums and Zakat are among the things that I always pay on time.

It is one of the duties of my life. I am very much in love with the Imams and I love them


My mischief was boyish

As a child, I was a devil and an actor. My brother Hamid was at the foot of all my games and deeds. Because of him, my mischief was also boyish.

I often played seven stones and football with the children in the alley

Esteghlal and football comrades

My interest in football was formed from my childhood and now I have many friends in football, Ali Ansarian, who entered the cinema, is one of my friends.

I also like Amir Ghaleh Noei and Ali Parvin very much, football is a big part of my interest and entertainment, especially since I am a fan of Esteghlal.


Delijan Restaurant

Ms. Naderi, along with her second husband and her husband’s cousin, have now established a restaurant called Delijan so that, like their other colleagues, they do not lag behind.