Fariba Naderi awkward brigade with sports pants + photo

Fariba Naderi The 33-year-old film and television actor got married for the second time eight years after the death of his ex-wife Massoud Rassam. Fariba Naderi was born on April 12, 1984 in Tehran and is a graduate of computer graphics from the university. The death of Fariba Naderi’s wife made life difficult for her.


Fariba Naderi has a daughter and currently lives with her, she was born in a family of six.

Fariba Naderi was born into a small family and has a sibling. His brother is named Hamid and his sister is also a lawyer and Fariba Naderi spent all her childhood with her brother.

Fariba Naderi is a quick-tempered, sensitive, kind, calm and emotional person who lives according to her own taste and is not willing to accept a role that she does not like according to any way. He is a personal taste.

Fariba Naderi and Massoud Rassam met in 1983 and got married two years later in 1985.

Fariba Naderi and her husband lived together for no more than a few years, and in 1988, Massoud Rassam died after enduring several years of illness.

Fariba Naderi says: I was born in 1984, I loved acting since I was a child and my biggest wish was to be the protagonist of the movies I like, but my parents were against it and were strict so that I would pay more attention to my lessons and homework. باشم.

I was very naughty and playful as a child, because I had a very good relationship with my brother Hamid, I played with him all day and that is why my mischief was boyish. I didn’t even have a doll, and my best toy was a “forty-piece” ball, I remember closing the alley with the local kids and playing seven stones or playing football.

When I was in middle school, I was accidentally offered a profile, but my mother refused. A few years passed from this story until one day my friend Grimoire and I went to the office of “Massoud Rassam” for a rehearsal. They came out of their room and said it was your turn. I said I did not come for the acting test, my friend came… he told me: now that you have come, test… I was lucky that day and I passed the test, but I knew that my family would oppose it.