Fars becomes the “Book of Rain” in the last winter of the century

ISNA / Fars The Director General of Fars Public Libraries announced the holding of a special rain book program in Fars and invited those interested to participate in a series of virtual training sessions for Fars Public Libraries.

Ruhollah Manouchehri announced the holding of virtual training workshops “Book of Rain” for the winter season and said: “This program will be held in continuation of the special virtual educational, cultural and extension programs of public cannabis.”

According to the ISNA report, Manouchehri added: “In this plan, seven workshops with different topics for different age groups are foreseen, which will last for three months from the first of January, with the aim of enriching the leisure time of the general public, especially library members.” Held in public.

Regarding the details of the program, the director general of Fars Public Libraries said: “Baran book will be held with the axes of reading and reading, acquaintance with Sahifa Sajjadieh, storytelling, teaching poetry, Saadi Park, family and children, knowledge and cyberspace.”

Manouchehri described the virtual workshops of the General Directorate in the winter and said: “This winter program is the fourth round of distance learning programs in public libraries.” These programs started virtually in April of this year and at the same time with the peak of the corona outbreak, and continued in the summer and autumn in the form of various workshops and literary circles.

He pointed out: The book rain project will start on Saturdays with the workshop “Introduction to reading and reading methods: fast reading and strengthening memory” with the teaching of Marzieh Neghdari. “Family and methods of caring for children” presented by Dr. Hassan Rahgozar and “Familiarity with Sahifa Sajjadieh” taught by Hojjatoleslam and Muslims Mohammad Reza Awani are other workshops that will be held on Sundays every week.

Manouchehri continued: “Storytelling and book introduction for children along with painting and handicraft training” with the teaching of librarians of Fars public libraries will be held on Mondays and “Poetry training workshop” with the teaching of Amir Homayoun Yazdanpour, “Friends Park: Stories from Saadi Park “presented by Majid Eskandari and” Students and Cyberspace “directed by Maryam Sahraei will be held on Tuesdays to Thursdays, respectively.

He specified that these programs will be broadcast Saturday through Thursday at 10:00 AM and Sunday at 6:30 PM via the link skyroom.online/ch/farspl/learning.

Manouchehri further pointed out that the cultural activities of public libraries are not closed during the house-staying period, adding: “However, due to the prevalence of corona to maintain the health of members and librarians, public library services are provided in absentia; During this time, we tried to hold educational programs with practical and new topics for the audience through cyberspace. During the winter period, various workshops have been planned with the aim of enriching leisure time, promoting public culture and individual and social skills of the audience, especially members of public libraries.

Manouchehri added: “Apart from the Baran Book project, various educational, extension and cultural programs in the form of courses, workshops, book-based meetings, etc. will also be implemented in the winter by public libraries throughout the province.” .

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