FATF License to enter the world’s financial systems

According to Baaqtesad, Masoumeh Aghapour Alishahi, a member of the Economic Commission in the 10th Majlis and an expert on economic issues, said about the FATF’s relationship with removing the banking system’s barriers to international relations: Is. The FATF proves Iran’s honesty in the financial sector to the world and completely eliminates the illusion that Western countries and Iran’s enemies have in the field of money laundering.

He added: “Some of the countries that are now in the FATF, even as much as a third or a quarter of Iran, not only do not have the infrastructure of indicators, but also do not comply with them, so our country should not be an excuse with these conditions.” Give to the enemy. Despite the differences, a lot of efforts were made to join the FATF in the 10th parliament, and now I thank the leadership from the heart for allowing it to be examined and researched once again in the Expediency Council.

“Indifference to international rules is by no means possible because we live on a planet and the FATF is accepted by most countries,” said the member of the Economic Commission in the 10th parliament on the possibility of being indifferent to international rules. In fact, there is no other way than the FATF to meet the minimum challenges in financial communications. In this way, the contracting party from abroad can be easily evaluated, and there will be transparency in the sale and purchase of Iranian traders, and obstacles will be removed.

The economist went on to say: “The laws of the world are designed to make human life easier, and in fact they are the way forward.” On the plus side, it eliminates unhealthy sugary foods from one’s diet.

Aghapour Alishahi explained the reason for the opposition to the FATF as follows: Infrastructure does not exist in some cases, the Czech law passed in the 10th parliament is one of these cases because the necessary infrastructure for it has not been created yet. On the other hand, if we look at the half-full glass, the hypothesis that some people say that all financial information is given to the enemies becomes invalid. Because in this case, not all countries should comply with the above laws, but the question is why other countries are working with this system and have an increase in investment?

He added: “It is better to remove the obstacles little by little and look with the view that in the end we should make the government smaller and the private sector stronger in order to provide the ground for international trade.” If this does not happen, in fact, the country will move forward in words and no businessman will be able to do business with foreign countries.

Aghapour Alishahi reminded: now we have a problem with currency transfer. Not accepting the FATF is like having a bank account with balance and an ATM, but you can not do banking unless you have a bank card and a checkbook. The FATF is the license to enter the world financial system.

This member of the Economic Commission in the 10th parliament reminded about the discussion of sanctions and its relationship with the FATF: Sanctions and the FATF are two separate categories. Sanctions are one side of the issue that has nothing to do with the FATF because it relates to the country’s banking system, so whether there are sanctions or not, we have to go this route and give this permission to the country’s banking system.

Aghapour Alishahi further stated: Now and in the current situation, several groups are paid to brokers to receive a sum of money. In some cases, the rate even reaches 15%, which is a very high figure. By accepting the FATF, this figure will reach half a percent. € 500 million is the result of petrochemical sales over six months, of which 15% will be € 75 million, a figure that could solve many problems. This is one of the thousands of financial transactions that are coming to an end in the country. With the wisdom of the Expediency Council, it is hoped that these cases will be considered./IBNA