Ferdowsipour: People were ashamed

According to reports EconomyOnline According to Hamshahri, all this happened while there was heavy traffic and many problems during the Internet final in Iran. After returning to Iran, Ferdowsipour answered the questions of Hamshahri reporter in a short conversation. “The reception was very good,” he said of the public’s response to the report and the feedback it received. People really embarrassed me, both before the game and during the report. “People are very grateful and welcomed the report, despite the problems and limitations that existed on the Internet yesterday.”

Report FerdowsiPur It caused the followers of AFC Persian page to increase from 260 thousand people to about 3 million people in 2 days. In response to whether he predicted such a thing, he simply said one sentence: “It was very strange and unbelievable.” ع

Adele had said before her trip to Doha that she did not know much about the space because she was not on Instagram. Didn’t these events encourage him to be in this space and have a page on Instagram? His answer is no: “Of course, I always think of this as an option. “But I am not very interested and I have not yet decided to be in cyberspace.”

Ferdowsi-Pour’s report on the Asian final started with a hatred and ended with a regret that Persepolis did not win. He believes that Persepolis was very close to winning the cup: “A great opportunity was missed. I don’t think Ulsan was a very strong team. Persepolis He also played very well, but the events of the game did not go in favor of this team. They also brought a series of bad luck and gave strange penalties. “Persepolis could have won the Asian Cup and I do not know when an Iranian team will be able to reach the Asian final again.” We also do not know when an Iranian can watch a match with Adel Ferdowsipour again.