Financing 120,000 billion tomans of manufacturing companies from the commodity exchange

At the beginning of the ceremony, Hamed Soltaninejad, CEO of the Iran Commodity Exchange, welcomed the presence and efforts of the officials present for the development of the Commodity Exchange and said: “Dr. Pour-Ebrahimi has always supported the development programs of the capital market and the Commodity Exchange, which we appreciate.” Also, since the presence of Dr. Dehghan Dehnavi in ​​the Exchange Organization, we have witnessed the quantitative and qualitative development of the Commodity Exchange in the capital market, so that the development of financial instruments in the Commodity Exchange has accelerated and the tax problem of commodity deposit certificate transactions was resolved by the Exchange Organization. And this promises the prosperity of the commodity deposit certificate market.

Commodity exchange trading record was broken

Soltaninejad further called the Commodity Exchange a vehicle for structured transactions and said: “This year, an unprecedented figure of 32 million tons of commodities has been registered in the Commodity Exchange, and this figure indicates that the Commodity Exchange infrastructure has met the needs of industry and production.” Also, in the field of financing producers, 40% of physical market transactions are in the form of futures, and thus, from the value of 300,000 billion tomans of the market, about 120,000 billion tomans have been contributed to the financing of manufacturing companies.

Opening of the open and future silver auction hall

The CEO of Iran Commodity Exchange pointed to iron ore open auction transactions and said: “Open auction model trading is one of the main infrastructures of commodity exchanges and in this way more opportunities are given to discover rates so that traders can supply their materials while Deal with more thought in the area of ​​price.

Regarding insulator futures, Soltaninejad said: “Silver is more important than gold in global markets and this metal is widely used in electronics, manufacturing and downstream industries. By launching a silver futures contract in the Commodity Exchange, the conditions for Price risk coverage is provided for downstream industries. In this regard, the silver bullet was considered as the basic asset of the futures contract because it is standard in Iran.

Buying a debt completes the commodity exchange basket

In conclusion, he said: The plan of the Commodity Exchange to launch the futures market is to launch a futures contract for gold fund units. Also, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Silence, commodity deposit certificates will be launched on petrochemical products and initially on bitumen, and this issue is also on the agenda in copper and aluminum; It should be noted that with the launch of debt purchase bonds, along with the development of tender transactions and certificates of deposit, we will see the completion of the commodity basket of the commodity exchange.