Fines of nearly 60,000 cars for violations on Yalda night

The actions of the police in implementing the plan to reduce the corona transmission chain on Sunday, December 21, 1999 are as follows:

Number of troops employed: 8,589 people

Number of project implementation points: 1,958 points

24% decrease in the number of car traffic compared to the same period last year

Disciplinary measures related to classes:

Visits: 20,449 items

Note and minutes: 14,531

Seal: 403 items

Verbal warning to car drivers: 52,952 cases

Number of return vehicles: 34,656 units

Cases of law enforcement:

Penalty (night restriction plan): 59,129 vehicles

Orange fines: 4,502 vehicles

Red zone fines: 117 cars

Meanwhile, 59,344 text messages were sent to the offending drivers yesterday.