For whom is the price of water free?

According to the Baaqtesad news website, after the start of the process of 100% reduction of electricity costs to low-consumption subscribers, the twelfth government proceeded to continue this process by freeing the cost of water and electricity for low-consumption subscribers.

In this regard, the Council of Ministers, in its meeting held on December 10, this year, at the suggestion of the Ministry of Energy and based on Article 138 of the Constitution, approved the details of the plan to free water costs for low-consumption subscribers.

Based on the details of the First Vice President’s letter to the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the Program and Budget Organization, the Cabinet approved the following items.

1- With the aim of optimizing water consumption and encouraging low-consumption household subscribers, the Ministry of Energy is allowed to:

A- Subscribers should calculate the water and sewage bill of the subscribers by consuming up to one third of the model determined by the law on development and optimization of urban and rural drinking water in the country with a 100% discount.

It should be noted that the Cabinet emphasized in the comments to the following article that this discount only applies to permanent settlements in urban and rural use, and vacant units and non-permanent settlements such as villas and garden houses are not covered by this discount. .

2- Subscribers with monthly consumption more than the consumption pattern, have 6 months to correct the consumption behavior and reduce water consumption. At the end of this period, the price of water for those subscribers whose consumption is more than the specified pattern, The proposal of the Ministry of Energy and the approval of the Economic Council will increase.

3- The Ministry of Energy is obliged to inform, educate and cultivate culture, to encourage high-consumption subscribers to use reducing devices in order to improve their behavior and reduce unnecessary expenses.

4- The instructions for the implementation of this resolution (including the revision of the construction classes and the correction of urban coefficients) will be compiled and announced by the Ministry of Energy within 10 days.