Forbidden story of the actor “Aghazadeh” in his own language / Photo

story Jamshid Hashempour One of the reasons he was banned from working in the sixties: They said it was being raised a lot!

“It was after the film ‘Cheetah’ by Samuel Khachikian that I was banned from working,” said Jamshid Hashempour, talking about his ban on working in the 1960s. Because I remember before the film, it was rumored that Hashempour was going to be banned from working, and since we had signed the contract for this film, they quickly keyed me and took me in front of the camera.

after ممنوع‌الکاری , I did not take any action or even go to guidance to see why I was banned at all or to request that the ban on my work be lifted. No one even informed me that I was banned from working. At that time, the directors and producers took the list of actors to Ershad and told them that Hashempour could not work at the moment. “They did not have a specific reason, they just said that he is flying a lot and is being raised.”