Forecasting the stock market situation until February

Since the last week of November, the value of daily trading in the stock market and the strength of real buyers has been growing steadily.

According to Shaman News and quoted by MashreqAlireza Azimipour, an expert on economic issues, wrote in a note: “The recession and some stability in parallel markets such as gold, dollars, real estate and imported cars, along with political news related to the US election results, have also caused resources to decline during September and October.” And the first weeks of November from the market Exchange They were out and about to re-enter the market, find the market attractive again and come back.

Fortunately, this year, which, according to the Supreme Leader, is adorned with the slogan of “production leap”, the release of the companies’ performance in the first half of the year is mainly encouraging, and we are witnessing a suitable jump in profitability. Exchange increases.

Although the above seems to be a sign of market growthExchange But real shareholders are needed, especially those unfamiliar with Exchange Avoid emotional investing and stock selection without an expert basis.

Stock analysis, review of continuous profitability and how companies distribute profits in recent years, review of the impact of corporate financial structure from exchange rate fluctuations and many other variables, in a one-year horizon should be the basis for making the right decision to buy shares. Unfortunately, despite the fact that during the recession and the fall of the market, many shareholders pledge not to repeat the mistakes of the past, but experience has shown that as the market returns to the boom period, emotional decisions prevail. Therefore, choosing the right decision algorithms is of particular importance.

The behavior of legal entities is also very decisive in the coming days and weeks. If the sale of shares by legal entities leads to the financing of ongoing projects, increases the capital of covered companies and reinvests, it will greatly contribute to the development of the country’s financial market.

The experience of the downturn in the last thirteen weeks is expected to lead capital market participants to make more careful decisions in the coming period, and if an unexpected political event does not occur, the market is more likely to Exchange To experience a positive and gentle trend until early February.

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