Foreign exchange rates entered the channel of 24,000 Tomans on the first day of winter / dollar

According to Eqtesadonline, today the price of the dollar in the open market increased by 50 Tomans, but in exchange offices it returned to the channel of 24 thousand Tomans with a drop of 300 Tomans. According to the rates announced by the Money Changers Association, in the open market today, the first of January, the price of the dollar reached 25,580 and the euro dropped by 100 tomans to 30,800.

In exchange offices, the dollar returned to the channel of 24,000 tomans with a decrease of 300 tomans compared to yesterday, and the euro became the same amount cheaper. Accordingly, the selling price of the dollar in the official exchange offices was announced at 24810 and Euro 30286 Tomans; Also, the purchase price of these currencies from the seller is 24699 and 30196 Tomans, respectively.

The exchange rate in the Nima system also became cheaper than yesterday; This system announced the purchase price of the dollar as 25725 and its sale as 25625 Tomans. Euro is sold in this system at a price of 31098 Tomans and its purchase price is 31168 Tomans.