Formation of English corona clusters in Tehran

Emphasizing the need to avoid traveling during the Nowruz holidays, the commander of the Corona operation in the metropolitan area of ​​Tehran said: “In almost all parts of Tehran, we see sparks forming clusters caused by the British corona.”

According to the ILNA correspondent, Alireza Zali said about the coronary heart disease situation in Tehran: “Currently, 2282 patients with coronary heart disease are hospitalized in coronary wards in Tehran, of which about 780 are hospitalized in the intensive care unit.”

He continued: “The number of new Crohn’s patients admitted to normal and special wards in the last 24 hours in Tehran is over 380 patients, of which 122 patients have been admitted directly to the intensive care unit.”

“Unfortunately, in the last 24 hours, 16 citizens of Tehran have died due to coronary artery disease,” he said. “The number of critically ill patients on the device is 168 in our intensive care unit, and 39 new patients in 24 hours.” In the past, they needed to repent because of their misery.

Regarding the situation of the British corona in Tehran, Zali said: “Unfortunately, in almost all parts of Tehran, we see sparks of cluster formation due to the English corona. Most of what has been achieved so far is the diffuse concentration of the mutant variant in the central, southern and part of the eastern regions of Tehran. Over the past week, the virus has been concentrated in the central, southern, and eastern parts of Tehran, based on clients we have recruited from hospitals and the residences of people found to be infected with the mutated virus.

According to him, the most important issue is to avoid traveling. In particular, we are currently witnessing a mutated virus in 29 provinces of the country, and we may encounter a mixture of different strains of the virus in all parts of the country.

“Since most of the origins of Nowruz travel from Tehran province to other parts of the country, they have gone to all parts of the country and are exposed to new viruses, and when they return to Tehran, a collection of different strains,” said the commander of the Corona. We will have the virus in Tehran and naturally we can have difficult weeks in the third and fourth weeks of April.