Four sensitive cities in Iran + names

Four sensitive cities in Iran + names

According to Eqtesad News, Ali Raisi, on Saturday night, appeared on a live TV program to review the latest measures to control Corona and added: “Fortunately, following the measures taken in the country, we do not have any red cities now.”

He continued: “Currently, 205 cities are in orange and 243 cities are in yellow, and this shows the favorable situation, and we hope that these 205 orange cities will turn yellow and the yellows will turn white.”

He added: “Among these, four cities need special attention and today the governors and presidents of medical universities were given the necessary recommendations in this regard. These four cities include Kordkoy in Golestan, Baft in Kerman and Amol and Gulogah in Mazandaran.” These four cities need very special attention because they can be on the verge of turning red.

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