Free electricity flow / Free electricity consumption for which subscribers?

It was in the middle of this summer that the Ministry of Energy presented to the government the twelfth plan to make water and electricity free for the low-consumption group, some of which are also considered to be among the low-income classes of society.

As “Hamid Reza Janbaz”, CEO of the country’s Water and Sewerage Engineering Company, said in his press conference last week: “The free water project was supposed to be implemented first, and then it was the turn of electricity, when it was decided to provide free electricity under the name of Omid electricity.”

In any case, the Omid electricity project has been proposed and followed since the summer, and finally, after many studies, the implementation time of the project was announced from the beginning of November.

According to this plan, the subscribers are divided into three categories: low consumption, good consumption and high consumption, and it was decided that the low consumption groups, which are mainly from the lower classes, will enjoy a 100% discount and their electricity bills will be free.

In this regard, the spokesman of the Special Commission for Leap and Prosperity of Production of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, stating that about 65% of the population is the target of the Omid electricity project, said the residents of villages, said: And is supported by members of parliament.

“Rahim Zare” regarding the recent decision of the government to free electricity for low-consumption household subscribers, added: “According to the information provided by the managers of the electricity sector so far, this plan includes freeing the price of electricity for low-consumption household subscribers and the main goal The incentive plan defined for this plan is to pave the way for reducing the electricity consumption of subscribers whose consumption is higher than the consumption range of low-consumption subscribers.

The implementation of the plan created hope and hope in the hearts of the less privileged, and the government decided to implement the free water plan.

Accordingly, the water tariff for low-consumption subscribers will be calculated free of charge for the next few days, which is an important action of the government of prudence and hope to support the vulnerable and low-consumption groups.

The CEO of the Water and Sewerage Engineering Company of the country said: “Omid Water Project is a plan to encourage subscribers to observe the consumption pattern, and based on this, low-consumption subscribers will benefit from a 100% discount.”

“Hamid Reza Janbaz” on Wednesday in a press conference informing about the Omid water project added: “Omid water project is a project to encourage subscribers to observe the optimal water consumption pattern, which was implemented simultaneously with the Omid electricity project and its main purpose is to institutionalize proper water consumption.” And electricity

Hojjat-ul-Islam and Muslims Hassan Rouhani on Saturday in the forty-ninth meeting of the National Corona Disease Management Headquarters congratulated the nurses on the day of the nurses who made extraordinary efforts in the last year, said: Let them hear this because they got angry every time they heard it, and I am happy when we make the enemies of the Iranian nation angry, and that is what the government did this year and provided free water, electricity and gas to the deprived.


100% discount on Omid electricity

The Omid power plan is for home subscribers and its patterns have been extracted from the performance of the people themselves in the past years. On average, in the whole country, about 30% of electricity subscribers are in the low consumption range, 15% are high consumption and 55% are in the good consumption range. This division has nothing to do with geographical area or household income, but is based on their electricity consumption. A 100% discount on the price of electricity in the Omid electricity plan is intended for low-consumption subscribers.

In the Omid electricity plan, low-consumption subscribers will benefit from a 100% discount on electricity bills, high-consumption subscribers will be appreciated, and high-consumption subscribers will move away from the high-consumption category and join the good consumers.

Free electricity

100% discount for low consumption in Omid water plan

The Omid water plan is a plan to encourage subscribers to follow the consumption pattern, and based on this, low-consumption subscribers will benefit from a 100% discount.

According to this plan, the consumption pattern for cold regions is 13 cubic meters and for warm regions 18 cubic meters per person, the average consumption is 15 cubic meters for the whole country.

If we consider the consumption pattern per person 15 cubic meters, according to the average number of households of 3.4 people, the standard consumption for them is about 54 liters, which is appropriate according to global health indicators to meet the daily needs of each person. .

Based on this, it was decided that if each subscriber consumes up to one third of the water consumption pattern, his bill will be subject to a 100% discount.

The plan will not include non-permanent residences, garden villas and non-residential buildings.