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ISNA / Hamedan Today, I would like to introduce you to a man who started his activity in the field of jihad and serving his fellow human beings during his adolescence, and now, at the age of 52, he continues to do so in the white uniform of health defenders.

Leaving aside his presence on the Holy Defense Front as a relief worker, we come to his 18 years of volunteer service as a physician in the Red Crescent Society. Clothes on which the role of the crescent creates a sense of security and peace for the victims, and men and women who, by wearing these clothes, sincerely and voluntarily rush to the aid of the victims.

Dr. Karim Mirzaei was sent to the war zone as a volunteer Basij at the age of 16 after completing his school exams, which was his father’s condition for being on the front, and from the very beginning as a paramedic due to his limited skills in injections and dressings. As he begins to serve, he shares one of his best memories of the war with an ISNA reporter: At least one insane island was left with two wounded who needed help, and the company commander asked me to reach them by boat. I moved and after dressing their wounds, I put them back. At that time, it was the iron hats that we all lined up on the trenches. One of the children took one of the same iron hats from the trench and put it on my head. The inside of the hat was full of dirt, and as soon as he put it on my head, my whole head and face filled with dirt. In short, I rubbed rubbish with the children and sat in the boat.

Mirzaei continues: After a long distance, we reached at least 3 by boat and got off there, I had to walk a few kilometers to reach at least 2. A number of fighters were there when their commander saw me and said, “The path you want to take is under enemy fire, especially at this time of day!” But when he saw my insistence on leaving, he said, “At least have lunch with us and then go.” I had lunch with them. On the other hand, because I was thrown to the roof of the trench the day before due to a mortar attack and I was injured in the back, carrying a heavy weapon and backpack full of relief items became a problem for me.

If all four of us are martyred at the same time, the morale of the villagers will be weakened.

Saying that the commander wanted one of his elite forces to accompany me on this journey, he says: “The idea of ​​the elite force was shattered by seeing the thin and slender boy that his commander calls the elite force.” A boy who was younger than me, both in age and in appearance, but after accompanying him, I realized that his commander had not gone astray. One of his friends came to us, it turned out that they have a friendly and deep relationship with each other. After realizing that he could not stop us from leaving, he gave us two small pocket Qurans and let us go. We put the Qurans in our pockets and set off.

Mirzaei points to the enemy’s heavy fire: we were moving forward in the canal with our chests bulging, and on the other hand, the heavy backpack made it harder for me to go. We got up and started running. The enemy also fired on our heads until we reached the minimum of 1. Several wounded people had fallen into the pit. We slid slowly and cautiously into the pit. There were seven people in the pit, all of whom were martyred. The boy with me started crying. Two of those martyrs were close friends. I calmed him down and we had to go back empty-handed. When we got back, the children were surprised that we came back safe with that amount of enemy fire, without eating a single piece of it, but I believe that it preserved the same pocket Qurans.

He later finds out that the teenage boy who accompanied him to at least 1 and left his two best friends alone in that pit, was in fact a province with them, with another of his friends, the one who gave us the pocket Qur’an. They go to the front and plan from the beginning to defend in four different groups, because if they become martyrs, not everyone will be martyred together, and the morale of the villagers will not be weakened by the return of their bodies.

The four teenagers, aged 14 and 15, struggled with the idea that in addition to martyrdom, they also thought about preserving the morale of their people. According to Mirzaei, the presence of these teenagers with such thinking on the fronts will defeat the commanders with the highest military ranks.

The volunteers active in the Red Crescent are the same Basij fighters of eight years of holy defense

He sees no difference between a white medical uniform and a Red Crescent uniform, and told an ISNA reporter about his 18 years of service in the Red Crescent Society: “My incentive to join this non-governmental organization was volunteers who had no pay and no eyes.” They were sincerely serving the people. In many missions, I have seen people appreciate the help of the Red Crescent and the trust of the affected people in the Red Crescent has always calmed us down.

Mirzaei refers to the day he was sent to visit deprived areas of Kermanshah province for free: that day we went to the house of an old woman who was paralyzed and could not go to the medical team for a visit, her whole life in one The room was 25 meters short, despite his poor physical condition and inability to walk, he prepared tea for us and insisted that you drink tea before the first treatment. The virtue of this old woman teaches many of us a lesson in life, a woman who, despite the difficult living conditions, offers everything she has to her guests, and it is an honor to serve such great people who bless everyone with the blessings of the Red Crescent. In the shadow of this organization, I have people.

He considers the volunteers active in the Red Crescent Organization to be volunteer fighters of the imposed war fronts, who are now walking the same path in other clothes and continues: During the floods in many provinces of Iran and the displacement of hundreds of dear people And our honorable, like many people in the community, we took our bags and were sent to the flooded areas. During this expedition, we went to the area to help one of the flooded villages. When we arrived, children at the corners of the brick and brick walls, many parts of which had collapsed, watched their parents’ years of drowning, and the water that had brought prosperity to their farmland and livestock for years. , Now he had demolished their houses and taken their livestock with him.

Mirzaei adds: “Our first priority was to put a smile on the lips of these flooded children, whose fear and worry on their innocent faces doubled their oppression.” We had a number of toys in our relief team, including trumpets, which we distributed to the children one by one. At first, they were staring at the trumpets in astonishment when one of the Red Crescent forces put the trumpet in his mouth and started blowing the trumpet! After him, one by one, the trumpets began to play, and the laughter of these children was lost in the sound of the trumpets. Even now, when I look at the photos of that time, I shed tears of joy. The fact that the Red Crescent forces played hope for those children who did not even have a meal to eat, and the taste and happiness of those children still excites me after many years.

This volunteer force of the Red Crescent Society, who was accompanied by his wife on many missions, considers the value of working in this organization to be voluntary service, a service that will surely be successful because it is for God, and his request to the government and other organizations A special look is at this population, which is the first organization in the front line and sets up its tent in times of crisis.

Virtual holding of the last Yalda of the century is the only demand of a commander in the uniform of a defender of health

But now Mirzaei, who has been serving as the director of Mehr Malayer Hospital for more than 10 years, has started fighting again after many years with the start of the Corona epidemic and has created another epic with his other comrades. This time, he serves in the command uniform, which he says is the same military uniform.

“Fortunately, after the restrictions were imposed, our number of hospitalized patients has dropped dramatically and we have reached a point where we can,” he said. We now have an empty bed in the ICU, which used to have many patients behind the line, but if people do not delete their periods on Yalda night, we will return to the previous situation, with the difference that whatever happens due to the heavy load that It falls on the shoulders of the medical staff, the situation will be more difficult both for the medical staff and for the people themselves, especially the grandmothers and grandfathers, and our desperate request to the people is to guarantee the health of themselves and their families by holding the last Yalda of the century virtually. So that we can return to normal conditions by breaking the chain of transmission of this disease.

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